What is the reason of having periods twiсe a month?

Can repeated periods be a reason of a dangerous disease? In this article you have an opportunity to learn more about your period cycle and period problems!

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Menstruation happens in women’s life with regular intervals, it is an indication of the proper functioning of the reproductive system and also it indicates the absence of any abnormalities in the body. Normal period cycle is very important for health.

But there are cases when the girl has 2 periods in one month. It is often a matter of concern, but not always evidence of any pathology. For example, girls who have recently faced with the phenomenon of menarche, repeated menstruation in one month often happens due to the stabilization of hormonal processes in the body. But if such a phenomenon occurs in a mature woman’s body, you should immediately consult a gynecologist to diagnose period problems and possible diseases.

A normal menstrual cycle

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Period, which does not happen twice in four weeks, and is subject to the lunar calendar, they say that all the mechanisms responsible for the appearance of the offspring into the world, are working without a glitch. The normal length of the pause between the bleeding should be about 28-32 days.

By the way, 2 periods in one month may occur in the case where the spacing between adjacent menstrual bleeding in the fair half of mankind is 21-28 days. This is due to the individual characteristics of the organism and is not considered as a disease. After all, considering that the month has 30 days, and if menstruation starts, for example, on the 1st, the bleeding may happen twice a month. This often happens with girls, whose age has not reached 18 years old.

But when the patient has not previously witnessed such a phenomenon, and it the period starts again, it is abundant and scarlet, a lady should immediately contact the medical facility, as such fact may indicate a serious illness.

Repeated menstruation is not caused by the pathology

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There are a lot of reasons, which often lead to the fact that the monthly bleeding happens again, two or three (or even more) times a month. Let's consider the most common cases.

1. Oral contraceptive pills containing hormones. In the first or second month of using them period can happen again in women’s body. This could be repeated two or three times, after which the body's hormones go back to normal and the reproductive cycle is stabilized.

2. Violation of the level of hormones concentration in the body. Period 2 times per cycle in this case is quite natural. For example, due to inflammatory processes in internal reproductive organs of the fair half of mankind, the corpus luteum is not able to allocate enough progesterone and sprawling endometrial layer is cut out a little early, which again can cause bleeding that appears more than once in a month.

Furthermore, the proper functioning of the endocrine system is responsible for producing hormones that may be affected by abortion and childbirth. These physiological processes can also be the reason that a woman has periods two times monthly.

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3. A woman's age. The appearance of period of a girl in puberty indicates the beginning of work of the organs responsible for the birth of a child. But this system is still in the development stage, and therefore the monthly bleeding can occur more than once a month. In any case it is should not be considered a disease, the body comes to a normal rhythm of work for 1-2 years.

The woman, whose body approaches the menopause, again the same, can be faced with the fact that her monthly bleeding appear several times in the normal cycle. This is due to the aging process, which also affect the levels of hormones in the blood.

4. Ovulatory excreta. As you know, in about 2 weeks after monthly bleeding in the body of women they have ovulation, that is, the destruction of the follicular sheath and the appearance of the egg ready for fertilization. If the sperm makes fertilization, ready for further development the egg is implanted in the previously prepared endometrial layer in the uterus.

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These two processes may be accompanied by minor damage to the capillary vessels in the body, which causes scarce spotting from the vagina, having a brown color. A lot of women mistake them for periods that occur twice a month. The phenomenon is caused entirely by physiological reasons and does not require visiting a medical specialist.

5. Intrauterine device. Using this tool in order to prevent an unwanted pregnancy can sometimes cause bleeding, mistake for periods. If this phenomenon occurs more than once, and is rather intensive, the spiral must be removed in order to prevent the development of serious pathologies in the reproductive organs.

Diseases that cause bleeding

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In addition to the reasons described above, there are a lot of pathologies that affect internal organs of women and which may cause the appearance of blood from the vagina. Let’s consider the most serious and widespread:

1. Uterine fibroids. The tumor, which is not a malignancy, but which can grow up to a pretty impressive size. At a certain stage of its growth it causes the disturbances in the production of sex hormones, which leads to repeated menstrual bleeding. Fibroid treatment requires serious medical treatment, and sometimes - surgery.

2. Adenomyosis. This inflammatory process also has an effect on the endocrine system of the body, and this is the reason of the appearance of menstrual blood several times during the reproductive cycle.

3. Inflammation of the ovaries, fallopian tubes diseases, cervical erosion. These processes often cause both menstrual and intrauterine bleeding. The appearance of blood in these pathologies requires urgent medical intervention in order to avoid the risk of anemia.

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4. Endometriosis and polyps. Such processes are negative in the internal cavity of the uterus. Under certain circumstances, it may cause menstruation, because it consists of remnants of exfoliated endometrial layer.

5. Cancerous tumors of the uterus. The appearance of malignant tumors in the main female reproductive organs causes bleeding and watery excreta from the vagina. Such menstruation always requires immediate treatment of the gynecologist to undergo a thorough examination of the body.

6. Miscarriage. If for any reason the fertilized egg could not be implanted in the uterus, the body gets rid of it - that is miscarriage. This process is accompanied by bleeding, which occurs regardless of the reproductive cycle.

7. Ectopic pregnancy. In the case where the embryo started to develop not in the uterus, but fallopian tube, vaginal bleeding may began, resembling menstruation. By the way, this pathology is very dangerous for woman and her child-bearing system and requires immediate surgical intervention.

8. Poor blood clotting. It may lead to the re-emergence of menstruation.

Other causes of the periods

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Every woman should know that in most cases, the appearance of blood from the vagina into the middle of the cycle is not menstruation, but bleeding, which only looks like menstruation.

A few factors that may cause the second periods:

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  1. Stress
  2. Sudden weight gain or loss
  3. Contraceptives
  4. Medications
  5. Pregnancy
  6. Menopause
  7. Alcohol (excessive drinking may lead to damage to the liver and also interfere the metabolizing of period hormones)

Often, this phenomenon leads to stressful situations. The emotional shock causes a hormonal surge that triggers unexpected bleeding. In addition, the change of climate zone, when moving or traveling on vacation too often can lead to the beginning of menstruation in women’s body.

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Occurrence of menstrual bleeding in the middle of a cycle is a common case in the lives of women of reproductive age. In most cases this happens due to natural reasons: stabilization of a cycle, hormonal failures, taking medicines and so on.

But the second periods may also indicate serious pathologies that require immediate treatment. Otherwise, the woman’s body may get irreparable harm. So observing your body condition, having a period diary and taking care of your woman’s reproductive system can help you stay healthy and happy for many years.

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