What is the reason of our hair stop growing?

Did you ever have a problem that your hair just stopped growing? There might be a few reasons for that. So keep reading to learn the reasons and professional solutions to them.

hair stop growing

This problem must be especially familiar to the girls. They all want to have long beautiful hair to catch rapturous glances as they walk down the street with their hair being long and shiny. However, it happens very often that your hair stops growing at a certain length. That is the most frustrating thing for a girl that puts much time and effort in creating stylish hairstyles with the hair she is left with.

If you are one these women that tried their best and applied all kinds of home remedies to their hair to make it grow, we are here to help you. Here is a list of reasons why your hair stopped growing at a certain point. Consider checking them with your hair to make sure you eliminated the cause before working on the hair itself. So if you want to have long hair but for some reasons your effort seems to be spent in vain, take some time to understand how professionals explain that hair can stop growing.

1. Sometimes the reason for you not being able to grow your hair longer is not that it stopped growing at a certain length, but rather that it breaks when reaches the certain point. This notion is also known as hair breakage. It might be the case for you if you handle your hair roughly when washing, drying it or brushing. Remember that hair is a very sensitive matter, so you need to handle it as smoothly as possible.

hair stop growing at a certain length

According to the professionals, if you do not handle it well, your hair gets dry and brittle. Just keep in mind that average hair grows half an inch every month, and if it is handled roughly, you will not have it grow in months at all. So breakage is one of the causes for your hair not to grow.

2. Hair can also stop growing due to the split ends. What I mean here is that when your hair is really dry, you might not notice it, but the ends get split which makes your hair look thin and sick. That is why you should always make sure to have enough water on the daily basis as well as take care of the hair using the cosmetics that moisturizes your hair. In the long run, dry hair with split ends will result in breakage and won’t grow as we explained in the paragraph above.

3. Another reason why your hair is not growing as fast as you want it is because you might be styling it with heat. It is not just bad to use heat styling for your hair. You can still do it of you use special protection along with styling. There is the wide range of products you will find useful in this regard including protective sprays, balsams, and other cosmetic items that cover your hair in such a way that when you use heat on it, it won’t get damaged.

So if you want to see your hair grow, make sure to protect your hair when making hairstyles on the regular basis. And remember to trim your hair every three months to get rid of the split ends and prevent hair breakage.

hair stop growing cream

4. Another cause of your hair not growing can be that your body lacks vitamins and minerals that are essential to your hair and nails growth. If your daily diet does not have necessary vitamins, you will not have your grow properly, and it won’t be healthy.

Here is a list of vitamins you need to consume daily for better hair growth:

  • vitamin D that can be found in fish, mushroom, grains, and orange juice;
  • vitamin B that can be accessed in meat, dairy, cauliflower, beef liver, eggs, nuts, avocados and legumes;
  • vitamin A that is present in carrots, cod liver oil, peaches, krill oil, and spinach;
  • vitamin E that you can find in beans, soybeans, nuts, leafy greens, and wheat germ oil;
  • biotin from bulgur, brown rice, green peas, oats, brewer’s yeast, lentils, etc. 

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5. Another reason for your hair not growing fast enough is your age. It is no secret that as we get older, out skin and hair start losing their color and ability to grow quickly. The reason is that oil is not produced as fast as it used to, so not enough moisture is being received by the hair. Professionals recommend you having an occasional massage and healthy hair masks that will stimulate the hair growth. Make sure to drink enough water and handle your hair gently.

stop hair growing so fast

6. It is not always connected to the way you comb, or style, or take care of your hair that makes it stop growing. Often the way our hair grows in can be explained by genetics. Each person has his own growing cycle, and since you cannot overdo your genetics, sometimes the length is determined by genetics. Blame the genes.

7. One more reason why your hair is not growing might be the pills you are taking or a particular medication you were prescribed. In case you suffering from a disease at the moment or if it is a chronic illness, your hair growth can be prevented or slowed down by the medicine you are taking. Read the side effects of the drugs, and if it is mentioned in the instruction that the medication slows the hair growing process, consult your doctor to see if there is any alternative medicine you can switch to.

8. Finally, one of the most common reasons why your hair is not growing properly is because the pores your hair grows from were blocked with greasy cosmetics. There creams that promise to help you if your hair stopped growing, but very often they do not contain natural oils but rather some unhealthy artificial stuff. Beware only of choosing what is best and natural. Otherwise, you might as well not see improvements in the area that bothers you.

hair stop growing split ends

As you see, there are numerous reasons for your hair not growing, and each of these reasons requires special care and attention from you. You can fix the problem unless you know specifically what to deal with there. So have a look at your diet, cosmetics you use for your hair and scalp skin, medications you are taking as well as stress levels in your life. Add vitamins from the list above and avoid stresses. Consider not using heat styling and have your hair trimmed every three months. These are the keys on a way to see your hair growing so fast you won’t know how to deal with it.

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