What is toilet infection?

What do you know about toilet infections? How are they transmitted and how can one treat them? Learn more from the article.

toilet infection treatment

You can hear about a toilet infection from different people but might not know what this is all about. So let’s find out what this infection is like and how one can get it to be able to avoid it in the future.

So, official sources state that toilet disease is a condition when a woman experiences mild discomfort in her vagina caused by itching, burning or even very particular unpleasant smell that comes from the vagina itself.

The disease got its name because most of the women that complained they experienced discomfort after they used a bathroom in a public place like a restaurant or a café.

No matter where they got it, the disease can cause a lot of trouble. Can you imagine how horrible it is that you feel this itching all the time? To avoid much embarrassment and prevent any misunderstandings, we offer you a very comprehensive article on what the symptoms of toilet disease are and how to treat it once you get it.

toilet infection

Basically, the term toilet infection is now how specialists call it officially. This condition is called vaginitis, and it is a cause of a disgusting smell, itching, and all the discomfort inside a woman’s vagina. Depending on the cause and the development of the disease it can be of several types. Bacterial vaginosis, vaginal yeast infection and trichomoniasis are among those that occur the most frequently. There are still those that are not s frequent but are just as uncomfortable to deal with. These include gonorrhea, chlamydia, noninfectious vaginitis, and viral vaginitis.

Now, let’s see what the symptoms of the toilet infection or a disease as one might call it are.

Symptoms of toilet infection

As we have already mentioned above, you can know that you might be having a toilet infection of you experience itching, unpleasant smell coming from vagina or burning. Other women state that they have particular vaginal discharge.

Let’s see what professionals from Home Remedies Box say about vaginal discharge: “It normally occurs in women of childbearing age, the glands in the cervix produce the secretion that moves downwards mixing with bacteria and dead vaginal cells which may make the discharge whitish or yellowish in color when exposed to air. The quantity of mucus secreted depends on the amount of estrogen produced.

how to treat toilet infection naturally

Furthermore, vaginal discharge may occur as a result of emotional stress or sexual excitement. The discharge, in this case, is often clear mucus secretion. Experiencing any kind of discharge that is different from the type above either in color, odor, frequency, quantity and texture might be a strong indication that you have toilet infection.”

Finally, let’s explore what can be a cause of a toilet infection.

Causes of toilet infection

The causes can be different depending on the type of a disease you have. Let’s look into them one by one to see specific characteristics or causes for each of these infections.

Vaginal Yeast Infection: “Also known as genital candidiasis or vulvovaginal candidiasis. It is caused by a fungus usually Candida albicans. This type of fungi is generally found in the small amount within the vagina and overgrowth of it leads to yeast infection. It is not clear how this fungal infection originates but it is generally believed that they are not sexually transmitted.”

toilet diseases infections symptoms

Once can get this kind of infection as a result of taking antibiotics that often tend to kill the bacteria that protect woman’s vagina and as a result, the yeast will grow there. Also, one might have certain other sicknesses that reduce the ability of an immune system to protect the vagina from getting bacteria. The women can also have while being pregnant or in the middle of menopause. The thing is during this time fungus cannot be controlled and the environment is perfect for its creation.

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Finally, make sure to read the instructions to the pills you are taking as a birth control measure to see if the possibility of getting a toilet disease is not among its side-effects because in many cases it is one of the reasons women get it.

Another common type of this infection is bacterial vaginosis. As you can guess from its name, it is transmitted from individual bacteria in one’s vagina. The doctors will tell you that the fact that you have this kind of toilet disease means that you have created an environment that does not let good bacteria control the bad ones, so they start spreading like crazy.

infection from a toilet seat

The causes for this medical condition can be as follows:

  • Bad habits including drinking or smoking
  • Changing sexual partners
  • Pregnancy
  • Taking a shower too frequently
  • IUD

The third type of non-infectious vaginitis is always accompanied by itching, burning, and the mentioned above discharge. Specialists claim that this disease often happens to women that undergo menopause or certain surgeries. However, there is some things you use that can cause it as well. Save this list to see of any of it can be the cause in your case: cosmetics for vagina, spermicide, softeners, detergents, artificial soaps, and so on. On top pf this, of you tend to forget to change the tampon frequently, it can lead to having an infection.

Finally, let’s see how you can treat the toilet disease naturally. E-medicine Health provided information on how to handle different types of toilet disease.

Let’s start with bacterial vaginosis. To treat it you will need to take antibiotics like Flagyl or Cleocin. Remember to consult a doctor if you have any of the symptoms of the bacterial vaginosis as if not treated properly it might get worse and result in some bad medical conditions. Both male and female sex partners need to see a doctor in case a woman was diagnosed with it.

how can toilet infection be cured

Treatment for yeast infection should also start with the proper examination of the case. After that, your doctor might suggest you getting a special cream or any other application to treat the condition. The official data shows that “severe infections need antifungal medication, which is typically taken orally as a single dose. This could include fluconazole (Diflucan) and itraconazole (Sporanox). These drugs have a cure rate of greater than 80%. These medications can also be given for three to five days with similar cure rates. The medications might cause liver problems.” Therefore, make sure to eat products that will support proper functioning of your liver.

In case the condition is not too severe you can start taking Mycostatin, with a cure rate of about 75%-80%. Miconazole (Monistat-7, M-Zole) and clotrimazole (Mycelex, Gyne-Lotrimin) have a cure rate of about 85%-90%.

Finally, in case you were diagnosed with Trichomoniasis you should take metronidazole as a treatment. However, those of you who like to have a drink every now and then will have to avoid this habit while being treated. As when combined with alcohol, this medication can cause nausea. Both a man and a woman should be taking these pills.

When it comes to prevention of toilet disease here are simple rules you need to stick to not to contract this medical condition.

Toilet disease prevention rules:

  1. Take shower regularly.
  2. Try to stay dry at all times.
  3. Be careful when using the toilet not to transfer the harmful bacteria from the anal to the vaginal area.
  4. Only use odor-free deodorants.
  5. Visit a gynecologist once a year.
  6. Use natural home-made yogurts.
  7. If not confident in the medical condition of your sexual partner use condoms.
  8. Read the instructions for the medication you are taking carefully.
  9. Wear clothes made of natural fabric.
  10. Do not use any spray or other applications in your vagina.

All in all, be careful and stay healthy!

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