What is Total Nutrition?

What are the main principles of total nutrition? What products should be included in the diet? Read the article to learn.

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Many girls, dreaming of losing weight, try to use such technology as total nutrition in house conditions. Fashionable magazines promise nearly instant disposal of fat and an ideal figure if to follow certain rules. Let's understand, whether it is actually is so and also what does it represent and if it effective or not. Compulsory provision is not just finding an efficient method to make muscles more relief and to get rid of fat, but also the lack of harm to your health. The concept 'total nutrition near me' came from bodybuilding. It is a process of disposal of subcutaneous fat, which allows the athlete to make muscles relief and to show what impressive training results are achieved. When fat leaves, the figure looks perfect. Weight loss at such technology has to happen not at the expense of muscles. Muscles need to be kept as much as possible. Besides, being on total nutrition, the athlete has to have an opportunity to continue training (in a particular treatment), but not to have hunger. It is also necessary to understand that if you never played sports, and you use this type of nutrition only for the weight loss, then, most likely, the figure, which you will receive will be far from perfect. If you don't have any muscles, which should give to a body the beautiful forms, you should take care of a number of muscles.

Components of total nutrition

Total nutrition can be presented in the form of three main components:

  • Special diet (the gradual decrease in the percentage of carbohydrates in food and increase in an amount of proteins).
  • A certain mode of training.
  • Taking of additional medicines.

At professional athletes, it happens under strict control of the trainer. The trainer selects a diet depending on a condition of an organism of the athlete, verifies the mode of training and additional medicines for combustion of fat and maintenance of health recommends reception. Diet at athletes during total nutrition is very rigid. Time of meal is strictly defined. Total nutrition on your own kitchen can be made in a simplified way. You can independently correct the diet and train definitely, accepting the supporting sports additives.

Components of total nutrition

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Total nutrition products

Among women, there is an opinion that it is necessary to be limited to food as much as possible to burn fat (or not to eat in general). This opinion is very wrong. Also sometimes ladies abuse fat-burning pills that make essential harm to an organism. If you don't know what physiological processes in your organism are caused by acceptance of these medicines, don't use medicine independently. Surely, discuss its acceptance with the trainer or even a doctor. To make the figure beautiful and to reduce a fatty layer you don't need to starve yourself at all. It is just required to reconstruct the diet so that the organism began to spend the fatty inventories for receipt of energy, but at the same time would split muscular tissue on minimum.

The basic principle of a diet is a gradual exception of carbohydrates and increase in a number of proteins. Fats can be eaten. Their quantity has to be minimum, but you shouldn't refuse fat completely. Pay special attention to the third point not to do much harm to the health:

  • Eat small portions 5-6 times a day.
  • Try to eat carbohydrates before 14 o'clock in the afternoon.
  • Pass to a diet gradually, also as well as you leave it – don't create sharp stresses to your organism.
  • 1st period is 4-6 weeks.

Total nutrition products

For this period, we need to prepare the organism for the diet to minimize a stress from the sharp change of a diet. At the beginning of this period the structure of food has to look so:

  • 50-60% of proteins;
  • 10-20% fats;
  • The rest is carbohydrates (gradually reduce their quantity in favor of whites).

On average, the girl weighing 50-60 kg needs not less than 100 g of proteins every day. There are special techniques of a definition of needs of an organism for protein, also as well as in calories. At once, at the beginning of the first period of diet, it is worth refusing sweet and white bread. It is gradually necessary to reduce the amount of grain and sweet fruits and vegetables. Also, it is necessary to eat less salty food as it detains water in an organism. The 2nd period is drying (duration depends on the desirable result). Actually, it is also the period of drying of a body. At this time carbohydrates are completely excluded and the number of proteins is maximized.

The structure of a diet is the following:

  • 80% of proteins;
  • 20% fats;
  • 0% carbohydrates.

If at some point you felt deterioration in health, the total diet should be stopped at once.

Training at total nutrition

Training at total nutrition

The mode of training when drying is very individual for each person. Without knowing your level of physical training, it is difficult to issue any specific recommendations. It is possible to tell only that surely it is worth continuing power training with an involvement of muscles of all body. If you don't train the muscles, the organism will destroy them first of all, having counted as 'unnecessary freight'. Duration of training can be reduced a little in comparison with usual.

During this period, it is necessary not to be overzealous with aerobics. Aerobic training has to supplement power, but you shouldn't go in for aerobics to exhaustion. The aerobic training burns mainly fat, but as on total nutrition your organism receives fewer nutrients, muscles will begin to be burned actively with fat.

A professional coach will be able to choose an ideal set of exercises. But if you train and do drying of muscles in house conditions, be sure to watch changes in the organism. As soon as you have felt a distortion in some party, correct the program.

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