What kind of foods to avoid at night to sleep better?

Why food with the high glycemic index is recommended for people who want to sleep better? What people should avoid this type of food? Read the information below to learn more about healthy nutrition.

How to sleep better at night

How to sleep better at night?

Long time it was indisputable that to eat at night is strictly contraindicated as it makes a serious harm to the organism and leads to fast aging. In principle, it is difficult to refuse a full-fledged dinner only in that case when the schedule doesn't allow – you come from work too late. But also it is possible to avoid problems. But whether the food for the night is so harmful?

Harm of food for the night

What does the food at night threaten with? Hunger in the evening or at night, especially during sleep, promotes recovery of the person. Processed food, and also stresses don't allow to be started in the afternoon. If we have late food, we don't give the chance to an organism to be restored. The use of food for the night slows down production of melatonin thanks to which the dream comes. It turns out that having late dinner we also badly fall asleep. Evening hunger promotes also to the fact that the organism begins to process fat, saving glucose. And contrary, the food for the night easily can add to you several superfluous and most likely unnecessary kilograms.

Harm of food for the night

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How to sleep better?

If you aren't inclined to become fat, digestible products with a high glycemic index, eaten for dinner, will even help you to sleep better. It is only not necessary to take the alcoholic drinks and drinks containing caffeine. Food with a high glycemic index, even eaten at the night is easily digested and doesn't prevent to fall asleep quickly. It even accelerates the formation of serotonin, which promotes the emergence of drowsiness. Such products in the evenings stimulate the production of melatonin and serotonin – the hormones making sleepy, relax tight muscles, calm nerves, and don't strain a stomach. Only the people sick with diabetes or having obesity have to be careful of some food with a high glycemic index. The highest level of a glycemic index of glucose is 100. High level has also the following products:

  • pancakes and the white loaf,
  • brown rice,
  • baked potatoes or mashed potatoes,
  • boiled carrots, pumpkin,
  • honey, bananas, kiwi, candies,
  • though vegetable dishes with light white wine aren't forbidden.

It is useful to drink warm milk for the night, which calms, and oregano infusion, chamomile tea with honey.

How to sleep better

Food to avoid

In full accordance with the previous point, for dinner, it isn't desirable to use products with the low level of a glycemic index, which is digested much more slowly. These are:

  • beans,
  • pasta, barley,
  • the majority of vegetables  (pepper, cabbage, onions, tomatoes),
  • milk, yogurt,
  • apples, pears, plums, cherry, oranges, grapefruits, peaches, dried apricots,
  • mushrooms,
  • nuts,
  • spices, as they increase appetite,
  • meat, bird, and fish are digested long enough to recommend them for an evening diet.

Foods to avoid and rules to sleep better

Foods to avoid and rules to sleep better

  • The organism is reconstructed on an accumulation of stocks in the evening. And later appears a desire to eat something couple of hours after a dinner. Therefore, it is necessary to eat several times before the evening, but gradually. The first time you can eat some yogurt or cottage cheese before going away from work. Then to drink chamomiles with honey in-house, and half an hour later to arrange a dinner – pancakes or mashed potatoes with kefir.
  • The food shouldn't be monotonous. So changing beloved combination every time, you will eat more slowly, and the feeling of saturation will come quicker.
  • The glass of warm water drunk for minutes 15 before a dinner helps to reduce appetite. It is possible to drink also a glass of kefir or tea with milk. But only not juice – it stimulates secretion of gastric juice.
  • It isn't necessary to eat delicacies on a hungry stomach or to turn them into the independent meal. It is necessary to eat previously usual daily food, and at the end of food to eat a small amount of a delicacy.
  • The day should begin with a full-fledged breakfast. Not miss your lunch – and it won't be a desire to eat at night.

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