What may be the causes of nipple pain?

Nipple pain is the most common type of pain in the women’s world. What may be the causes of nipple pain? Learn why it hurts and how to prevent dangerous breast diseases.

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The most common nipple pain worries pregnant and lactating women. This symptom is most likely not to be associated with any abnormalities. But this pain (for a woman who do not have a child) can be a sign of many serious diseases.

Nipple pain causes  

Nipple pain before period. If a woman feels sore nipples, she is obliged to visit a doctor. However, this kind of pain can often disturbs ladies at before and after menstruation period, and during it. But they also need to find out the exact cause. Painful sensations can have the following character: - acute; - piercing; - cutting; - drawing; - nagging. If a woman takes drugs such as antidepressants, hormonal contraceptives or drugs for infertility, pain in the nipples may happen due to their fault. 

These drugs are undermining the normal hormonal balance in the female body. Also, together with the pain there may be different accompanying pathological factors. In addition to the monthly pain in the nipples, it also happens because of rare sex. A large number of hormones that cause pain accumulate in the body of a woman with low sexual activity. She can have heavy teat itching and discomfort in the chest. This nipple pain reason is unpleasant.

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Another cause of sore nipples is the presence of fibrocystic breast. A doctor, who knows the results of a mammogram (breast x-ray), can set an accurate diagnosis. Mastitis is an abnormal proliferation of connective tissue in the breast. Its characteristic symptom is the appearance of pain in the nipples before menstruation and its disappearance after its coming. Over some time, the pain ceases to fade and begins to grow. 

Nipple pain during menstruation. Main causes of sore nipples before menstruation are hormonal disorders, in which the female body produces an increased amount of sex hormones. Periods may increase the sensitivity of the nipples and significantly reduce the quality of life of women during this period.

Nipple pain PMS. Premenstrual syndrome provokes the appearance of pain in the nipples, swelling and breast augmentation, as well as pain in the breast. To relieve the pain, you can drink a non-steroidal analgesic, which the gynecologist advice you. 

Nipple pain during pregnancy. Nipple pain, breastfeeding.

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The increased nipple sensitivity of pregnant women can be caused by hormonal changes in the body - breast and nipple tissue begin to grow rapidly, in contrast to the nerves, which do not have time to transform. As a result, breasts and nipples begin to ache, itching, burning and give other discomfort, getting worse when a woman wears squeezing clothes. The cause of the pain during feeding can be a wrong attachment of the newborn to the breast, non-proper hygiene, incorrect posture of the mothers while feeding, as well as not suitable clothes for breastfeeding women.

Also pain in the nipples causes by waterlogging, dry or injured nerves. If a woman does not change the lining under the leaking milk or clothes in time, wet tissue irritates the breast, making nipples hypersensitive and, as a consequence, causes pain. Excessive dryness of the nipple can happen because of the use of products containing alcohol, taking care of breast skin. If pain of a lactating woman is concentrated in one breast, it can be a symptom of mastitis. If you have the temperature or some other symptoms (as nipple pain while pumping), you should ask for medical advice.

How to prevent nipple pain

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If the cause of pain in the nipples is determined as accurate as possible, you can eliminate or alleviate the pain yourself. The first thing to buy is a comfortable bra without seams that will not cause too much pressure on the breast during lactation or menstruation. Proper care of the nipples can help to avoid injuries while feeding, as well as to prevent over-drying or moistening. Before the procedure of breast feeding, it should be washed with warm water, and after it - give the milk residues to dry naturally.

Feed the child in a right way: let him all the areola, in order the pressure on it is distributed evenly. If wounds and cracks still appear on the nipples, immediately lubricate it with the healing ointment from natural ingredients and periodically decant surplus of milk.

Nipple pain after ovulation

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Whether you often have pain in nipples after ovulation or even breast pain during your ovulation , it can be caused by a plenty of reasons. But there is good news: you should not worry, because it is totally normal for most of women.

When ovulation ends, you may feel pain in your breasts. The causes of pain in breasts are usually connected with two important reproductive hormones:  progesterone and estrogen. You must know that these hormones, especially progesterone, are the reasons why your nipples and breasts may be in pain.

Your ovulation happens because of one major reason: to reproduce. Whether you have no desire or plans to get pregnant, your body is making itself ready for pregnancy in case it happens. So the progesterone level is rapidly rising and as a result, the body starts to get retaining water. Water inside your breasts can cause slightly stretching and make your nipples very sensitive. The level of progesterone is straightly connected with the level of the sensitivity you feel in your breasts and its surrounding area.

Nipple pain. Breast cancer

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When your both nipples hurt, it’s almost 100% certainly nothing to deal with the breast cancer. Also, when you have a problem with both of your breasts simultaneously —soreness, pain, lumps—it is very unusual reason for breast cancer. The dangerous breast cancer symptoms in almost 100% of cases appear in only one breast at a time.

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