What may be the reason of a penile fracture?

Should you be frightened of penile fracture? How does your penis works? What should you know about the penis health? Find out in this article!

Penile Fracture

You might have thought that`s it`s a joke because how you can break something with no bones inside it. Unfortunately, this urban legend is a true and negligent attitude to your tool may cause the penile fracture. Moreover, it`s not quite an injury when you break your bones it has own peculiarities. The fractured penis would not perform accurately and simple urination may cause significant pain.

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How your penis works? Refresh some memories of anatomy, your boner consists of 3 cylindrical tubes. The two large ones are named the corporeal bodies and works as balloons, but if traditional balloons fill up with air, these things are filled up with blood. The tunica albuginea, the tissue that covers these two balloons expands in length and width during the erection. The urethra, the third tube that located underside the penis and performs urinate function. When you are aroused, the corporeal bodies fill with blood and make your penis bigger and less flexible. If your corporeal bodies, tunica can`t sustain force from your partner or your moving actions they would break. This will cause you instant pain and swift reduction of erection, but, fortunately, it can only happen in aroused condition of you tool.

Penile Fracture symptoms

As it was described in the previous paragraph, you almost instantly feel the pain in your boner. The fracture supports with popping or cracking sound effect which signals of the tissue tearing.

You will also experience a quick low of erection and get bruises on the penis. If you managed to fracture the urethra you would also notice blood during urination.

What to do if a penile fracture occurs?

Penis Health

It might be embracing if you call an ambulance during sex because of this problem but it`s exactly what you need to do.  Usually, you have three days for repairing your tool if you don`t desire to stay out of the league. The doctors should confirm your penile fracture by a clinical exam, cavernogram, an MRI scan, urethrogram. Sometimes, you needed a cystoscopy, which is the unpleasant procedure to look inside your tubes to locate the fracture. Furthermore, the surgery is needed in this condition, so your penis must handle the surgeon knife. If you make it right, you can enjoy sex intercourse after four weeks of the operation.

What can you do to illuminate penile fracture chance of occurrence?

Penile Fracture

The first thing is that you don`t need to gear up your penis before every sexual occasion as the penile fracture is a quite uncommon phenomenon. Nevertheless, it doesn`t mean that a man is completely safe during sex. Brazilian studies showed that half of penile fractures occurred in woman-on-top sex position and about 20% in missionary. Also, foreplay is very important in sex not only for women but also for men as fully aroused penis decline risk of penile fracture. Supposedly, the better you run your tool the lesser problem may occur with it. That`s why the health of your boner is completely in your hands. Try to control it during any sex intercourse.

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