What Nigerian herbs are used for erectile dysfunction treatment?

What are the necessary proportions of Nigerian herbs for erectile dysfunction treatment? What is the popular mix with Echinacea root? Read the article to learn more information about solving the widespread problem.

erectile dysfunction

Nigerian herbs for erectile dysfunction

  • Mix 1. Infusion of a pycnostachys, clover, mint and St. John's Wort will help to return male power. It is necessary to mix a tablespoon of each ingredient and to fill it in with hot boiled water (1 liter). The medicine should infuse in a thermos within twenty minutes then should be filtered through gauze. It is necessary to make 3 – 4 acceptances of one glass per day.
  • Mix 2. The medicine from dried fruits has the same effect. Raisin, fig, and prunes will help you to cook this mix. 20 grams of each ingredient are crushed and mixed well. Daily it is necessary to eat two or three of tablespoons of this tasty medicine, washing down with a glass of curdled milk or kefir. It is also recommended to include walnuts in a diet (10 kernels every day).
  • Mix 3. The Nigerian herbs – celery and parsnip will be necessary for this curative mix. Roots of these plants are mixed in identical quantities and filled with vegetable oil. The erection will become stronger if to eat a couple of tablespoons of such salad every day.

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  • Mix 4. The efficient folk remedy for recovery of a potentiality is tincture from seeds of Echinops (20 g), and Echinacea root (50 g). Components are crushed and mixed. Then you should add a tablespoon of forty-degree alcohol or vodka (250 ml). After, the medicine is filtered and taken before food (in 20 minutes). The dose is about ten drops. Before taking tincture needs should be dissolved in cool boiled water (50 ml). The course of treatment of erectile dysfunction with such remedy constitutes about 20-25 days, and for the simple strengthening of a potentiality, there is enough about one week.
  • Mix 5. 2/3 glasses of the crushed fresh roots of a parsnip are pounded with the same amount of sugar. Everything is filled in with 0.5 liters of boiled water. You should boil it 15 minutes, to close a cover and to leave for 8 hours. Take it 4 times a day. You need 1 tablespoon in one hour after a lunch and a dinner.
  • Mix 6. Fill in 100 grams of periwinkle with a half of liter of vodka. Leave it on a windowsill on the sunniest places for 10 days. After that mix it and filter. Take 1 teaspoon in 40 minutes prior to food three times a day.
  • Mix 7. Mix 100 g of the crushed and dried up St. John's Wort, 30 g of dry flowers of a calendula, and 30 g of valerian. Fill it in with 1 glass of boiled water and leave for 20 minutes. Filter it and keep in the refrigerator. It is necessary to take a third of a glass of the mix in the second half of day between meals.


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