What Nigerian states have the highest level of HIV-positive people?

Do you know how many people are infected with the HIV virus in your own Nigerian state? Read this article and find out the latest information about the situation in your country and how to protect yourself to not to get sick.

What Nigerian states have the highest level of HIV-positive people?

Aids is one of the most terrible epidemics in the world. Many years already mankind is trying to fight this illness. However, too bad, it is still less effective. This awful disease took lives of more than 36 000 000 people all over the world. And even more of humans are infected with the HIV: right now the number of victims has reached 69 000 000 people.

Here are the latest data according to the statistics of the National Agency for the control of Aids NACA:

  1. The most worst situation is in River State. It took the first place with a 15,9% number of infected people.
  2. The second one in this sad list goes Taraba State where there are 10,5% of all residents are ill.
  3. The third one is Kaduna State with 9,2% infected people.
  4. Nasarawa State took the fourth place and has 8,1% dwellers sick with the HIV.
  5. The next one is Federal Capital Territory of Abuja with the number of 7,5% of HIV positive inhabitants.

These were Nigerian states with the highest amount of victims of Aids and the HIV. Next are Akwa Ibom, Both Oyo and Yobe state, Cross River and Ondo.

HIV in Nigeria

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The situation in African countries is very serious. 70 % from all the infected with Aids people lives in Africa. It is every 25th adult person with this illness. Basically, this is because of a too low quality of health care and general sanitary epidemiological state of countries. But what could every person do to make the situation better?

  • First of all don't be afraid to make the HIV tests. It is very important to find out if you are healthy or sick.
  • The second one – be more accurate with a person, who is infected already. It doesn't mean any discrimination. The biggest problem after the HIV itself is a bad attitude of healthy people to the HIV-positive humans. Don't stop to communicate, just be more careful. To prevent HIV
  • Talk about this problem with your loved one. Maybe even make tests together before you get intimate.
  • Avoid any risky relationships. It is better don't to have many partners or don't to change them often. Always use a condom to protect your life and a life of your match.
  • Educate other people to help your country.

Aids in Nigerian states

Right now it is all not this good, but hopefully, it will be times, when all the humans will celebrate the most expected victory over the HIV and all the Nigerian states will show zero number of infected people

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