What our pee and poop forms can tell us about our health?

Your poops and pees forms can say more about your health than you think. Here is what the doctors have to say: read the article to learn more.

poop won't form

It might sound like something you would not do, but it is good to pay attention to the way your pee and poops look like when you use the bathroom. Since the primary function of your pees is to get rid of the toxins in your body, it is good to check the way it looks like to be prepared to visit a doctor in case there are signals of problems of any kind in your body.

You should remember that pee of a healthy person has no smell. In case you feel any kind of smell it can be a sign of a disease on progress in your body. Moreover, the color of your pee is supposed to be the color of straw. If it is a different color, it means that your body is signalizing you about problems with either kidneys or other organs in your body.

If your pee is dark brown color, it means that you don’t drink enough water, and the level of dehydration reached the critical state in your body. So be careful and start drinking enough water gradually.

poop without form

The fact that you always need to go to the toilet points you to the fact that you have problems with your bladder or might have diabetes. Make sure to consult your doctor in this case. In case you can smell some stinging odor coming from you pee, call your doctor immediately, as you might have kidney stones that need your special attention right now. However, if the smell is pungent, you might have an infection or suffer from dehydration. The dehydration is treated with the gradual increase of water consumption.

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The other kind of smell is sweet, which shows that you need to consult your doctor as you might have diabetes. About the color of your pee: it has to be of the color of the straw. If it has no color, it is not good: you drink too much water. This can lead to having not enough levels of essential minerals in your body. Be careful with that!

If your pee is pink, there might be blood in it. Call the ambulance, as there might be the effusion of blood in your urinal channels as well as bladder and kidneys. You might have an infection if your pee is cloudy, foamy or even have sediment in it. Be careful and make sure your pee has no bad signals in it.

poop form

Now let’s see what your poop with or without a form can say about the general state of your health. If you experience difficulties with going to the toilet, this means that you don’t have enough fiber in the food you consume. You should consider increasing the number of fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet. So keep in mind that poops that won’t form are a reminder for your to make your diet healthier.

You should also be careful and consult your doctor if your poops don’t sink, as it might be a sign that your body cannot digest the fat you eat. You should make sure to treat your digestive system as well as take a closer look at the amount of fat you consume. If your poops have a thin form, kind of like a pencil, you might have problems with rectal and prostate cancer or some enlargement in your body.

how poop form

The colors of your poop also matter. If they are yellow, you might be having troubles with your gallbladder, as the salt from your bile is not functioning in a normal way. On the contrary, if your poops are white, you have a lack of bile in your body. This is a sign of hepatitis, cirrhosis or even a blocked bile duct.

If your poops have an increased amount of mucus in it, this might indicate that you have Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis or colon cancer.

So be careful and pay attention to the color and smell of your poos and pees, as their forms can indicate certain diseases present in your body. In case you have any troubles with it, consult your doctor, as you might be having health problems that need special acre right away. Stay healthy!

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