What pillow is best for me?

Do you know what pillow is best for you? What stuffing does it have? And what shape of a pillow you should consider? Find out what professionals think about it from this article.

best pillow for the stomach sleeperAs it turned out, choosing a perfectly matching pillow is not only a question of your taste, and it will fit the general style of your bedroom. A right pad can be of much help in your struggle with neck pains, back pain, high or low blood pressure and other medical conditions. Sure thing a pillow cannot cure them, but proper pillow will prevent complications.

The best pillow for sleeping when properly chosen can help you live longer, look younger, lose extra weight, and as a result feel much better. This is scientifically tested and proven to be true. Therefore, it is important to have an excellent pillow. In the best case scenario, you can seek the assistance of professionals here. However, you can also find a perfect pillow with the aid of our simple recommendations from this article.

Let’s start with the fact of how long your pillow should actually be in use until you should get a new one. This depends on a stuffing of a pillow, but in general, you should replace your old pillow with a new one every year. The max life length for a pillow is eighteen months. After this, all the dust, skin cells, and even mold that gets inside it can be pretty dangerous to you.

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Before we give you detailed recommendations for a pillow you should get, you should be aware that it depends on your sleeping style. Pillows for Stomach Sleepers are different from those of side sleepers. So, let’s see what pillow will be perfect for each of this sleeping position.

The back sleepers should be looking for pillows that are not too thick. Since the main point of a pillow is to keep your head in line with the spine, when sleeping on your back, you need to opt for a pillow with plus loft bottom side to support your neck.

Side sleepers should look for a different kind of a pillow. Their perfect one should be firm and thick enough to fill the distance between your ear and a place where your shoulder touches the bed. Therefore, look for a moderately thick pillow.

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Finally, the best pillow for stomach sleepers is a very thin one. However, some doctors recommend them sleeping with no pillow whatsoever. On the contrary, get a flat pillow or fold a cover to put under your stomach. This will help you prevent the possible pain in the lower part of your back.

On top of that, your sleeping position is not the only thing you should take into account when choosing a perfect pillow. There are different types of pillow stuffing. You might be allergic to some of them, so be careful. Plus, some of them are better than the others. So, to protect your health and maintain its good condition, you should think twice before choosing one stuffing. We are giving you a list, so you can familiarize yourself with it and find out which one fits your needs and expectations.

Keep in mind that each stuffing serves its particular goal. So, for instance, if you are looking for a pillow to hep you with your frequent headaches, then you should opt for one stuffing, which will not be suitable for you if you want to prevent neck pain.

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We will start with the best filling that meets all the needs and is known to improve the quality of your night rest. This filling is made of feathers. This might not be the cheapest choice, but it definitely is one of the highest quality materials. And also, the good thing about it is that you can change its shape and move the feathers around to make it comfortable.

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The other stuffing you should be aware of especially if you have allergies is cotton. Pillows with this stuffing do not get mold or dust inside, so you will not get complications. However, cotton is known to be quite firm. So if you are used to sleeping on a soft pillow, this one might not be the best choice for you.

Another one is helpful if you want to have a firm support for your neck. Foam is firm and keeps its shape without making you change your sleeping position too frequently.

 Memory foam is getting wildly popular as thanks to its technologies it repeats your shapes. Whenever you move, the pillow will adjust to your position. It is not too firm, yet firm enough. However, since it consists of chemicals, your skin might not be comfortable when in contact with this stuffing. So, to prevent possible heat, you will get when sleeping, make sure to test it out or consult a professional before purchasing a pillow with this stuffing.

Finally, latex is your other option for a pillow. It is perfect to keep your back and neck alignment in the proper state. However, it is still not as safe and natural as feather stuffing.

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So, taking everything into consideration, your best choice is a feather pillow. Since they might be a bit pricey, you can also go for a half-feathers and half-down pillow. They will not be too pricey, yet excellent and quality product.

Finally, if you are ready to go and purchase a pillow, keep in mind several important rules:

1.    Choose quality over price. Of course, some of you might think that a pillow is not something that should cost a lot of money. However, the quality of your sleep influences all the areas of your life: you won’t be able to work hard enough or even do sports if you had troubles sleeping at night. As pillow reviews show, pillows define how your day will go. So, be ready to pay for a good pillow.

2.    High price doesn’t always mean high quality. This one is important. Some pads will cost a fortune and are no good at all. They were not made of the best materials; they are just overcharging you for a brand name. Therefore, you might want to opt for a smaller shop not to pay extra cash for a favorite brand.

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3.    Make sure it works for you. You can put a pillow with a stuffing of your choice against a wall, and ask your friend see whether your head is tilting anywhere when you put your head on it and line your spine up with it. Do not feel ashamed about it; you need to see whether it fits you or not. Otherwise, you will not feel rested in the morning.

4.    Have a pillow wardrobe. Sleep doctors say that you should have a range of pillows at your disposal all the time. Let’s say you want a pillow to help you relieve a neck pain one day, but the following day you might want a different type of a pad. So, it is better for you to have different pillow forms in your house. And also, since you have more pillows, you won’t exhaust one too much. Each of them will be used so that they will serve you longer.

To sum up, pillow choice is important. So, pay attention and use our tips to help you make up your mind.

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