What quick snacks are considered healthy?

Healthy lifestyle walked with a firm tread into the life of a simple man of the street. And that is great!

quick snacks

Now you can find absolutely free information on how to eat, how to get rid of the extra kilos and look stunning. It is not a secret that for people who are dieting or just watching the weight, it's important to eat healthy and balanced food. A quick snack just lets you satisfy hunger between meals.

To make it easier to determine what to eat, we made a selection of the most useful and tasty, and most importantly - low-calorie snacks.

Before you start choosing what to cook for a snack, you should consider a few basic rules to help you lose kilos quickly and does not feel constant hunger:

  • 20 - 30 minutes before a meal you should drink a glass of water;
  • the total amount of water per day shouldn’t be less than 1,5-2 liters. If you turn on the menu bread with bran, the amount of water consumed per day should be, of course, more than 2 liters;
  • time between snacks should be at least 1 hour;
  • in the summer months try to use dairy products to a minimum;
  • nuts, candied fruits, dried fruits contain a lot of carbohydrate and calories, you should calculate your own portions.
  • if you like crispbread, be sure to read their composition and energy value;
  • if you are on a diet, then try to get a snack does not exceed 100kkal.

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Top 10 delicious and healthy quick snacks to make:


quick snacks

It's easy to be called a quick snack because the preparing of a smoothie will take a little time. It can be fruity, berry or vegetable. First of all, in a blender, you should crush fruits or vegetables, and then add the milk product, which you like the most: yogurt, milk, soft cheese. But this does not necessarily - a lot of people practice to use smoothies purely, without additives.

Smoothies can be sweetened with honey if desired. If you use for cooking apples or pears, in the beginning, they should be grated.

As a rule, for one portion you should 100g. of dairy product and one fruit. If you decide to combine the fruits and berries, then take the half from each ingredient. For example, half of a banana, half an apple, 200g. of berries and so on. Strawberry smoothies with oatmeal can be used not only as a quick snack but also for a breakfast.


quick snacks

There are no limits to your imagination. The only prohibition -mayonnaise and sauces. You should fill the salad before serving with a vegetable or olive oil, soy sauce, lemon juice. The most low-calorie vegetables are cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, pepper. Do not forget about potherb.

From time to time add to it a small piece of boiled meat veal or beef jerky.

If you enjoy watching TV while something nibbling, excellent snacks will be cabbage or lettuce. Slice them into thin strips and enjoy your meal!

Boiled meat and fish

A piece of meat, rich in protein and other micronutrients will be only in the benefit for your body. In addition, it can be boiled in advance, cooled, cut into portions pieces and put into a container to take with you to work or somewhere else. Believe us, you will not have the desire to eat a muffin or cake with coffee, if you provide yourself with a useful protein snack. The same applies to the boiled fish, but it is still convenient to eat it at home.

"Right" sandwiches

Sandwiches can be a very useful and tasty snack, both at home and at work. Instead of the usual bread you should take  whole-wheat bread, bran, or dietary bread. Cut thin slices of pepper, tomato, cucumber, boiled chicken, low-fat cheese. Add the lettuce leaf and this quick snack will be without harm to your body.

Roll from lavash with stuffing

quick snacks

Grease a thin unleavened lavash with a small amount of soft low-fat cottage cheese. Cut into thin strips baked or boiled veal, chicken or other lean meat. Finely chop the tomatoes, season a little with pepper it. To "crunched", add shredded lettuce or cabbage. Evenly distribute the ingredients on a sheet of lavash, roll it into a roll and cut into pieces.

Muesli bars

Crunch during going somewhere you can with the help of muesli bars. They differ in that they do not crumble, and they do not need to be soaked in fermented milk products. The only thing sure is to pay attention to the composition and the calories in a single briquette (bar).

Dried fruits

quick snacks

Excessive use of them is not necessary, as the dried fruits have enough calories. Of course, they are useful and are able to satisfy your hunger. Do not rush to quickly eat a piece of dried apricots or prunes - stretch pleasure for a long time chewing it.

Frozen fruits and berries

Frozen fruit or berries will also provide you with the quick snacks. Large fruits should be cut into small cubes, divided for convenience into portions: one portion fit into a 200ml beaker. When you feel hungry, you take it from the refrigerator and eat, without defrosting! Mango and pineapple are ideal for such a tasty and healthy snack.


quick snacks

This fruit can be combined with everything: cheese, fruit salads, smoothies. But the best way is to eat it as a separate dish. The simplest - is to rub an apple on a grater with peel. It will be better absorbed than you just eat the whole apple. You can add a little grated carrot to this.

If you want to eat an apple at work it would be better just to cut it into small pieces and eat them within 10 minutes, even when working at the computer. As you stretch the pleasure and quench the hunger for a longer time than if you ate an apple quickly in its entirety.

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