What's the use of GTN cream?

There are a lot of people who suffer from hemorrhoids. The problem is very personal but is worth speaking about. Such effective treatment is recommended as GTN cream. Read more.

gtn cream
There is probably no adult who would have no idea what is an anal fissure and hemorrhoids. Those who faced these problems, remember the long grueling pain when attempting bowel movement, and just while walking.

One of the main components of conservative treatment of these diseases of the anus (back passage) is GTN cream or ointment.

About rules of its use and the effectiveness of therapy with the help of GTN cream as follows.

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gtn cream

GTN cream usage

More than 40 years ago, doctors drew attention to the fact that spasm of the anal sphincter, which is accompanied by the appearance of the patient hemorrhoids and fissures, actively interferes with their healing. This occurs because the involuntary contraction of tonic muscle significantly complicates the local blood flow (causes ischemia) and greatly complicates the already painful process of defecation, leading to new divisions and injuries of the anus.

This problem has prompted physicians to use treatment for fissures. So, GTN cream was invented. The GTN cream composition includes nitroglycerin and lanoline–vaseline basis. This substance can relax the sphincter muscle. It is proved to show a positive impact on the acceleration of the healing process.

gtn cream

GTN cream indications

GTN cream is used in the local application. Being well absorbed, it dilates blood vessels and relaxes the sphincter. GTN cream improves blood circulation, helps to heal and eliminates the spasm. And thanks to the recent effect, painful fissure heals faster.

By the way, some patients may experience slight itching and burning during the application of the cream. GTN cream is applied on the affected areas two to four times a day. As a rule, the course of treatment is one month. In the treatment process, strictly follow the dosage given by your doctor. Doctors offer to put some cream on a cotton swab on the rod and apply it on the problematic area.

Primarily, the nitroglycerin is absorbed in a good blood flow. Therefore, doctors advise not to use the GTN cream an hour after a bath, to avoid getting into the blood excessive amounts of the active substance. Side effects of the rectal are not to overdo the application! Large quantities of ointment may cause dizziness and headache caused by decreased blood pressure due to the expansion of blood vessels. To avoid unwanted side effects, you also need not forget after the procedure to wash hands from the remnants of the ointment. Interestingly, all these effects have the ability to self-restraint: the constant use of the drugs with nitroglycerin they become less pronounced.

gtn cream

GTN cream usage peculiarities

Contraindications to the utilization of the GTN rectal ointment are appointed by the physician the proctologist. The patient is not allowed to make a decision about the expediency of its application. It should also be remembered that in some cases, it may be contradictions to nitroglycerin ointment. 

Before using the GTN cream, the patient should consult with his doctor. The treatment is not prescribed if the patient suffers from the cardiovascular disease or severe hypotension (low blood pressure); the senior citizens should be careful. Special care should be taken by patients using products that contain organic nitrates or having hypersensitivity to the active substance. While pregnancy and lactation before using the ointment doctor's advice are obligatory. If there is dizziness, caused by the use of cream is necessary to avoid driving the car until the disappearance of the side effect.

gtn cream

Other cases of using GTN cream

In proctology apply nitroglycerin ointment 0.2 percent. There's also an ointment with a two-percentage content of active substance. This drug is used in cardiology as a preventive measure for angina and chronic heart failure. GTN cream is efficient and as one of the components in the therapy of pulmonary hypertension. In these cases, a prescribed amount of ointment is applied on the scale dosing of paper and affixed to the area of skin without hair. The effect usually occurs within half an hour and lasts up to 5 hours.

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