What sex positions are comfortable during pregnancy?

In some cases sex positions during pregnancy can be uncomfortable. This process might involve certain problems and complications. What are the best poses? Learn about them now.

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If you think that conceiving a child, you ’have already done a good job’ and now have every right you should forget about the sex during pregnancy, you are very wrong. Whether you want to know more about the comfortable sex positions during pregnancy, then take a look at this article.

Pregnancy and sex positions

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If the pregnancy goes well, without any complications, so there are no obstacles to stop sex during pregnancy. Obstetricians and gynecologists believe that the absence of sex contraindications during pregnancy is very useful: sex is the best way to preserve and strengthen your intimacy. In any case, you should remember that each term has its own special characteristics, and it is very important to learn in what position to have sex during pregnancy.

Sex positions for a pregnant woman. Sex positions to avoid during pregnancy.

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Sex positions during pregnancy first trimester are any you like. Sex does not differ from before-pregnancy period, but in the second and third trimester a couple has to adapt to the fast growing belly. But, for example, from 12-13 weeks, the doctors recommend to abandon all poses in which the lady lies on her back, because heavy uterus can pinch blood vessels and obstruct blood flow, so as a result you can get dizziness, weakness and even nausea.

Here are some comfortable positions, which, according to doctors, are the safest for the second and third trimesters.

Sex positions in late pregnancy

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‘Rider’: men lying or sitting, woman is on top.

Pros: Nothing presses on stomach; partner controls the depth and power of penetration himself.

Cons: In the last trimester active moving becomes quite hard, and deep penetration, easily attainable in this position, can bring discomfort.

Solution: do not move up and down, just back and forward - it will help to reduce the physical strain experienced by a pregnant woman during sex.

‘Knees and elbows’ pose: Woman stands ‘on all fours’, the man is behind.

Pros: One of the most comfortable positions during pregnancy that avoids even the slightest tension in the muscles. If the hands are tired, you can lie down a little bit.

Cons: The man is easily getting excited, increasing the amplitude of motion that can be uncomfortable for mother and a child inside.

Solution: Relentlessly remind future father that he should be more and more gentle and careful.

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‘Spoons’ pose: woman is lying on her side back to the man.

Pros: There are no unnecessary movements - one of the partners may not move if you wish.

Cons: They do not exist, the main thing - to control the man not to press to much on the stomach of a partner.

Pose: Woman lying or sitting on a man, she is back to the man.

Pros: In this position the pressure on the stomach and violent shaking are completely eliminated.

Cons: The sitting position makes tense on hands of the partner and the woman’s back.

Solution: If you have back problems, it is better not to tempt fate and immediately lay down on a man (your back to his face).

No entrance

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If the doctor does not recommend sex, you do not need to take his words as reinsurance. Such a prohibition, as a rule, has some serious physiological reasons: if pregnancy occurs with complications, the uterine contractions that happen during orgasm and active influence on a place close to the cervix can provoke bleeding and lead to the loss of a child. Then there is no question that sex during pregnancy must be stopped - it is better for you and your baby.

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