What sex positions are considered dangerous?

In some cases sex positions may be very dangerous. If you don’t want to have problems and complications or even be injured. Learn about these dangerous positions right now!

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Sex may be called ‘an occupation associated with an increased risk’. But what is the risk? Except pregnancy and diseases? You may get hurt! Why? Because of dangerous sex positions!

Most dangerous sex position according to science

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In an attempt to prove the risk of injury of certain positions we can many hours. But whether you like it or not, everything depends on the skills, experience and sex determination. The final clarity of the University of Geneva scientists have surgery and traumatology, together with colleagues from the Department of Medical Research in Geneva. Consistently approaching the issue, they presented 18 pages of results of scientific research. For the experiment, the researchers invited a few volunteers and put them in a magnetic resonance tomograph. In from of the eyes of scientists the couples demonstrated 12 the most popular poses.

MRI scanned joints of partners, after which it drew a diagram of intraarticular voltage. Their attention was focused on the hip joints. The calculation had statistics of similar injuries during lovemaking. The results take the form of a memo, which was given to the patients, who had had surgery on the hip joints.

What sex positions are dangerous?

These are the most dangerous poses according to the Swiss scientists. They came to the conclusion that sex affects joints in these positions. List of sex positions is on the pic. So dangerous sex positions to avoid:

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However, what parts are the most likely to suffer? Well, not the joints, but more intimate parts of the body. Take, for example the fact that the penis can be broken. You may wonder, how to break it? There are no bones. Nevertheless it can be broken despite its apparent resistance and stamina, it is very fragile. Brazilian scientists made a contribution to the study of this issue. The results of their work are published in the journal Advances in Urology. It was found that most injuries occur during heterosexual intercourse and masturbation. As for the most dangerous poses, leader is a ‘rider; (it is recognized as the most dangerous in the international community). Ladies injure their men in 28% of cases. Missionary position, on the contrary, caused the least problems and has been recognized as the most secure.

Where to go and what to do

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Fracture of the penis is the quite rare situation. Here you have to show remarkable ingenuity and acrobatic ability or engage in very rough sex.

The fracture can be hardly confused with something else. Most likely, both partners hear an unpleasant crunch. This means the cracked albuginea. At this moment man feels great pain, and an erection is rapidly falling.

Oddly enough, some men ignore fracture thinking ‘it will heal itself’. And that’s wrong! Incorrect tunica fusion of membranes leads to scarring and distortion of the penis, creating the form of ‘hourglass’. This organ is poorly supplied with blood, as a result - an erection can be forgotten.

If it has already happened, a man has broken down the penis, put some ice and run to the urologist. In this case a man requires urgent surgery. The surgeon will sew the damaged tissue and for some time the patient will be advised to wear tight bandaging. Do not delay a visit! In advanced cases a man requires more complex plastic surgery. To keep the length of the organ, the patient and the doctor will have to work hard.

Breaks where it's short

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Another trouble of men on the love front is the short frenulum of the glans penis. Normally, it is well-stretched and it does not cause any inconvenience. However, it is the nature and it happens to be shorter than it’s required. In this case, the frenulum prevents exposure of the glans and it can cause injury. It is a common situation. Short frenulum may overstrain, but it is treatable. The method is called frenulum plastic. It is the five-minute surgery under local anesthesia. Some poses may cause pain if a man has such problem, it is better to consult a doctor to choose a safe one.


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In this situation the victims are both partners. At the worst possible moment a spasm of the pelvic floor muscles can happen in a woman’s body. This may happen during the in attack of vaginismus. At the same time the vagina is compressed with such force that the man is not able ‘to get out’ of his partner. Spasmodic attempts to escape only reinforce the spasm. There is only one way out - to call an ambulance. ‘Do not worry! Nobody will drag you on a stretcher to the delight of all your neighbors. Doctors will make a woman an injection, and you will be successfully disconnected’ – the doctor explains.

Jewelry can be unsafe too, especially piercing (although the usual earrings can be entangled). But sex toys may not only give pleasure, but also hurt if they are not used according to the instructions. Injuries really appear there, where you do not expect to meet them. There was a popular situation, when a Chinese woman suffered because of a kiss: the pressure in the mouth greatly decreased as a result the girl had ruptured eardrum and became deaf in one ear.

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So you should not take a potential sex-injury too serious. There are no sex positions that can kill you. Accept you are sitting on a windowsill on the tenth floor. The most dangerous sex positions are the ones, which cause you or your partner pain or any muscle tension. Different people have different sports training. So when one can be injured, another will find a satisfaction. So be careful, do not lose common sense and everything will be ok! 

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