What should we know about antimicrobial resistance?

From time to time we get ill. In most cases our illnesses are caused by microbes. Antimicrobial resistance it is just a list of recommendations one should know and follow.

antimicrobial resistance
A vast number of the human body diseases are based on the harmful effects of pathogenic microorganisms. We are not talking about a common cold, or fewer, namely, not only about that. Microbes which cause gastritis, ulcers of the stomach involving  Helicobacter bacterium,   can be found, for example, in kidney stones, which are formed as a result of harmful microorganisms significant activity. Those microbes and other are under discussion today.

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How to resist harmful microbes?

The rule is not to give them access to the body. Knowing that the primary penetration route is with food, with water, with air, through physical contact with the virus carriers, it is important to be careful in these areas. It is advisable to boil water, to wash food, wash hands. Try to include in your daily diet onions  and garlic (they contain volatile, blocking the path of airborne infection).

Treat the body as well as possible. Try not to overwork, and not to over cool (i.e., not weaken it) yourself. Now you can learn ahead of time weather forecast and not get wet in the cold rain, or freeze under the North wind.

antimicrobial resistance

Antimicrobial control

Strengthen the immune system. If the virus came through, the army of the protectors must be kept in good condition by all available means.

Not to rely on the immune system only in the process of pathogenic microbes battle. Do everything to help your organism, depending on what infection you got (medication therapy, and phytotherapy, etc.). Since then, as there were antibiotics, people are no longer afraid of diseases. And doctors think this is a bad sign.

antimicrobial resistance

More than half of respondents admitted they do not wash their hands after using the toilet. Antimicrobial resistance awareness is out of the question here. Even greater number of people do not wash hands before starting to cook, or after coughing. In this regard, the discovery by British professionals from hygiene companies it is not surprising. They state the fact that sometimes washrooms are cleaner than a home kitchen.

It's more likely that you will pick up some illness at a family dinner and not at the cinema or cafes. In the public place, people wash hands more often. Home switches, remote controls, and door handles are much dirtier than the toilet lid and buttons drain.

antimicrobial resistance

Water will help

Antimicrobial resistance is a complex issue. The easiest and most reliable way to keep the situation under control is to wash your hands. Considering this to be an optional thing is a big mistake, which is directly related to stomach diseases, poisoning, and other troubles with health.

antimicrobial resistance

It is equally important to maintain cleanliness throughout the house. If you do not wish to do this yourself, you can entrust the matter to professionals.

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