What your panties tell about you?

What your panties tell about who you are? This panty test is fun and true.

your panties tell about you

Ladies, it’s a not a joke. The type of underwear you pick for life and especially for the first date tells so much about your personality! Now it’s time to get to know yourself in a more intimate way and learn why you wear certain types of lingerie.

Types of lingerie and what the panties reveal about your personality:

1. Body support underwear

Surely, you are not counting on the first date sex wearing this. However, it reveals you have a very cautions and thoughtful approach to life. You are not in the rush and wish to test the waters before you jump in. You like to control your life and circumstances to be and look your best. And the other person better not to count to get you easily. They would have to make efforts for you to make them lucky and happy.

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What your panties

2. G-String

These panties show a lot of your body. They hardly serve any practical purpose, but are rather used to showcase your curves. And a woman wearing these has nothing to be ashamed of! She is self-confident and sexy. She is not afraid of her sexuality and is not hiding it. And she is willing to put up with some inconveniences to attain what she wants. So, it’s a combination of freedom, sexiness and perseverance. Excellent!

3. Lacy briefs

These are comfortable enough, but coquettish. A woman wearing those is always ready for a little adventure. If you wear these to the first date, you are not expecting sex, but you do not exclude such a possibility!

4. Shorts

These are sporty and comfy. You are a selfish girl and it’s good! You are active and love fun, but you are not willing to go an extra mile to please someone else, when it means feeling discomfort. Great job!

panties tell about you

5. Thongs

You are a very active and ready for anything person. Maybe you do not fancy romance too much. You like to get straight to the business and attain what you want without having to go in circles. And often you take the initiative into your own hands.

6. Commando panties

These are not only comfy, but healthy, too. The best choice you could make. You like to maintain a balance between sense and beauty. And you are doing a great job! You are smart and responsible in your decisions. You take good care of yourself, but willing to go an extra mile to help others.

7. None

You are the freedom lover! And free love is the part of it. It may mean you are ready for anything on the first date. Why not? You are full of surprises and one thing is guaranteed: he won’t be bored!


8. Crotchless underwear

You really know what it means to be hot! And you know how to tease people (at times you drive men crazy!). You are full of surprises and love spontaneity, but you know how to plan things or say no.

As you see, your underwear is not a chance choice. It falls in line with who you are and reveals your personality secrets.

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