When does birth control start working?

Much benefit was brought to humanity due to the invention of hormonal contraceptives, of course, the main aim is to prevent unplanned pregnancy.


The mechanism of action of hormones is based on the fact that they block ovulation and mimic in the body women state of constant pregnancy. This is what is happening in the center of Africa, the cradle of humanity: a woman reaches childbearing age, she gets pregnant – no menstruation. Then she is breastfeeding, she is not menstruating again, and as soon as the lactation stops, she again should have a pregnancy. The same mechanism of action is for hormonal contraceptives.

Before the first time to start talking about your first birth control pill, you should always consult a gynecologist for an internal consultation. After the doctor will recommend certain oral contraceptives, you need to study carefully the instructions for use of the drug. In the absence of contraindications, you can safely start the reception.

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If the pill has never been used before in your life, the reception of tablets should be started from the 1st day of the natural menstrual cycle of women (i.e. the 1st day of menstrual bleeding). You can start with 5 days, but in this case, in the first cycle it is recommended to use additionally a barrier method of contraception (condoms) for the first 7 days of taking the drug.


Evolution of contraception – there is even such a notion today. Since the first hormonal contraceptive, which appeared in 60-ies in the market, it has been 50 years. Now the new contraception is contraceptives that contain hormones identical to the natural. For the first time in the history a contraceptive appeared that contained estradiol, which is the same hormone that is produced directly in the woman's body. Therefore contraception has never been so natural as in our time, when the patient can be offered contraception it in no way interferes with the metabolism.

And it turns out that these contraceptives mimic the natural menstrual cycle due to the selection of the dose of estrogen they contain, they have a minimum load on the liver, do not affect the weight and on some other parts of the body. Evolution of contraception came to the conclusion that, firstly, the minimum dose of contraceptive hormones, and secondly, there are additional benefits in terms of impact on appearance, which today are very concerned about women, they are safe, if you do not expect the birth of the child.

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