Which diet apps for Android are the best?

The holidays signify that it’s time of fun and also it may be strong alcoholic intoxication, heaviness in the stomach, headache, etc. But unfortunately, it is almost impossible to avoid gaining excess weight due to the presence on the fried food and alcohol a lot of high-calories. And then because of our gluttony we have to pay high price - we need to go into the gyms, fitness clubs and follow of cruel diets.

How do you consider which weight loss methods are really effective? And how can you lose weight with the help of your mobile device? We try to give you the answers to these difficult questions.

There is our collection of the best apps for weight loss for mobile Android devices.

  •   Calorie counter by Myfitnesspal

The first app of our collections is the app "Calorie Counter". Before start to use this app, this program will require you to register your login via "Facebook" and then app will ask you to choose one of the three desired goals:

1. to lose weight,

2. maintain weight,

3.  gain weight.

We want to follow the first one. After selecting the necessary goal you can set your required parameters, to understand what kind of weight you want to lose. Then you can set your individual parameters: a height, weight at the beginning of the usage of this app, then set your name, country and postcode. Now you are ready to start, because you have your personal account and your personally goal is to lose a certain amount of calories per day.

So, you can start to change in your weight with the help of diary Calorie Counter. Every day you have the opportunity to add a few values that affect the weight: proper nutrition, exercises and the amount of water you drink. By the way you can also set parameters of food you eat, they are: the brand name, nutritional value: calories, fat, protein, carbs and so on.

Also set you exercises, it’s so simple — it is enough to specify the duration of their execution and the number of calories burned. The final chord — an indication of how many cups of water you drink in a day. And after this, you will be able to see the overall result of the day. Therefore, the "Calorie Counter" it’s the app for control your weight and stay healthy!

  •  Calorie counter from fatsecret is an application that is ready to help you to counter calories on Android device. The counter will be useful for those who want to lose weight.

Calorie counter by fatsecret gives information about nutritional value of food you consume. With the app will easily track weight and do different exercises.


When you start calorie counter also require to enter the necessary information: gender, birthday, your weight, weight you would like to achieve, your physical activity, goal, country.

In the application you will set not only calories, but also how many calories you burn during exercise.

Then you do the list about what products were used and how much you consume, and then the counter automatically transfers the data listed in calories, calculate fat, protein and carbohydrates. So, you can be sure that the calorie counter doesn’t have errors, or their amount will be minimal.

So, thanks for this app you can also be in shape!

  •  Calorie counter PRO MyNetDiary

This app will help you lose weight and stay in shape. You will learn how to eat correctly and become more active, healthy.

This app is always in your pocket, because you always take your mobile phone with you, so it’s always ready to help. Firstly, this app analyzes your daily routine and helps you with your own diet you must follow. All you need to do, is to monitor what you eat, drink and your daily exercises.

By the way there are more than 130 weight loss plans diet, innovative meal reminders and complete grocery lists, a dedicated shopping list for each diet plan.  It’s so comfortable that this app reminds you when it's time for your next meal.

  •  To lose it!

This app is also very popular. So let’s see what advantages does it have?

This app has the meal reminder, it is notification that pops up always, when it's time for your next meal. So with the help of the app you may be sure, that you never miss your breakfast, lunch, dinner and also snacks. It really helps, especially for the busiest person in the world.

That’s why you need to try this app!

HOW does it work?

Begin to lose overweigh easily! Just download the app, write a little about yourself and the app will create weight loss plan personally for you. Then start doing exercise, prepare and eat only healthy food. There is no easier application weight loss program!

Your body will thank you!

In conclusion, I want to remind you not to forget that the proper diet won’t help you to be totally strong and fit. You also need to work hard, do sports, for example: the running in the evening, doing morning exercises, stretching and so on. Soon you will have your amazing result! Keep fit and do your best!


Good article to compare my own app with these three.

I use YAZIO, which is also a free calorie counter app. I used Myfitnesspal before, but I like the easy handling of YAZIO much more...Sad that it is not listed here!

Thanks for the article anyway!


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