Which soap is good for skin whitening?

Once, the connoisseurs of female beauty decided that the girl's skin should resemble silk by texture and porcelain by in the shade. Those who intend to comply with these canons can use these skin whitening methods.

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Despite the fact that tanning is now very fashionable in the beauty industry, bright and radiant looks are much more aristocratic and neatly. We propose different ways of how to whiten skin at home, how to quickly affect the dark dermis, as well as useful beauty recipes for removing redness after sun exposure.

Skin whitening: a little theory

First and foremost, you must know that not everyone can intensively whiten unwanted spots on the face. Most people who are prone to the appearance of moles, freckles or spots, already have naturally thin and dry skin, and you can only aggravate the situation using harsh whitening products. So before you start the whitening of the skin, try to solve the problem from the inside.

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For example, blemishes often appear when your body lacks vitamin C. Just include it in your diet and avoid the contact of direct sunlight with your skin. The appearance of rosacea and acne is often connected with the problems of the gastrointestinal tract. If you eliminate these problems, you can attain healthier and more even complexion. In addition, dry skin is more susceptible to stains than fat. To prevent precipitation of freckles, try to wear a big hat, large sunglasses, and apply sunscreen.

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What do whitening products contain?

As a rule, most of them have peeling properties. They take off the top thin layer of skin making blemishes less noticeable. Almost any homemade peel for face and body is excellent bleaching agent. However, remember that after the procedure, the clear new skin is more susceptible to influences of the sun, so you have to double the protection.

In addition to peeling components, bleaching agents are composed of caring, soothing ingredients and UV filters and medical products. However, they also contain preservatives and other chemicals. So we advise to use traditional methods first.

For example, a good remedy for whitening your beautiful skin is carrots. Beneficial properties and beauty recipes with this vegetable will help you not only whiten the skin, but also to make it bright and radiant.

Cosmetic products with whitening properties contain the following ingredients:

  • Arbutin, contained in the bearberry, blackberyy, etc., has the ability to reduce the activity of tyrosinase, inhibiting melanin synthesis. The positive thing about it is the absence of toxicity. It does not damage cells; widely used in Japanese cosmetics.
  • Kojic acid is a blocker of tyrosinase, which has good exfoliating properties. In some cases, you can get slight burning and redness of the skin if you use it. However, the product is popular due to the lasting effect. When applying, the possible complications are contact and allergic dermatitis. In recent years, scientists conducted studies that show the toxicity of kojic acid. This products is not recommended for pregnant women. Some cosmetic firms use it in combination with other bleaching ingredients, which increases the risk of adverse reactions.
  • Hydroquinone is a derivative of phenol. A distinguishing bleaching effect is achieved through inhibitory effects on the tyrosinase enzyme, reducing its activity and toxic effects on DNA and RNA of melanocytes. The product is especially popular in Asia, Africa and in Japan.

Best Nigerian Skin Whitening Products

  • Fair & Brite Lightening Cream. This product does its job so well that you will immediately see the results. It works greatly on black and dark skin and makes the skin smooth. You’ll love it if you want to lighten you skin from black or chocolate to something close to olive.
  • Q7 Paris Carrotte Whitening Serum. This is the cream that turns your skin pearly white! You have to use it several times to achieve the desired result. You can stop using it when you like the color of your skin and start using a good toner.


  • Original Caro White Lightening Beauty Cream. This cream is designed to lighten the dark skin and reduce pigmentation. It can be used both for face and body. The ingredients include Hydroquinone, Stearic acid, B-Carotene, Vitamin A, E, Carrot oil, Cetearyl Alcohol. It smells deliciously and it does it job.
  • Makari Beauty Whitening Milk. This product is very lightweight and very hydrating. It helps to brighten the skin, reduce the appearance of blemishes and give the skin a smooth finish.


Homemade masks for skin whitening

You can use these ancient recipes to whiten the skin at home. These remedies can  treat any skin, regardless of its color very fast and effectively.

Apply the homemade masks only in the evening. First, if there is irritation, over night the skin will calm down. Secondly, at night, the skin balance will rebound, and the influence of the sun will not be as disastrous for her the next day. Usually, you apply a mask for half an hour, then wash it off with warm water and apply some nourishing cream.

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So, we offer some great masks for skin whitening:

  • "Cucumber Mask". Grate a medium cucumber, add 10 grams of your favorite nourishing cream. If your skin is oily, then a add a drop of vodka.
  • "Potatoe Mask". This healthy vegetable is used for whitening and effective and fast restoration of skin tone in the express masks for the face. Boil one medium potato, mash it well, add 10ml of milk and a half of egg yolk. The mass must be carefully mixed and heated on the steam to a warm state.
  • "Lemon mask". You can just wipe your skin with lemon juice or add the same amount of flour to your mask. Then the effect will be even stronger.
  • "Yogurt mask." Dairy products have always been famous for their bleaching properties. As a component of masks you can use yogurt, or, if the skin is dry, you should give preference to cottage cheese. To obtain the thick consistency of yogurt you can add oat flour.
  • "Hydrogen peroxide mask". Mix 5ml of peroxide and 20ml of lanolin. Apply infrequently and in very severe cases.
  • "Oil mask". The whitening properties of castor oil are famous around the world. For those who don't like rapid radical change, this mask will be a good choice. Simply apply the oil to skin, massage and rinse.

Skin whitening will only be effective if you approach the problem with seriousness, exclude harmful products from the diet and start a healthy lifestyle.

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