Why am I farting so much? – 7 top reasons for Nigerians

Why do people fart? Sounds like a funny question, but farting has causes and even some health benefits. Learn them now.

Farting makes all of us laugh and it makes the one doing it embarrassed. So, you may be wondering: why am I farting so much? Or, I can’t stop farting and what is the cause of that? Let us get some of the best fart facts and learn how to stop farting.

Why am I farting so much?

Why do we fart? – 7 top reasons

There are several reasons why we fart. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Why do we fart?

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  1. We eat foods that cause us to fart
    Farting after eating is a common case. And no wonder, as you eat some foods, they make you fart a lot. What foods cause gas? Well, those rich in starch, including bread, pastry, sweets, etc. Or the foods rich in fiber. Basically, fiber is good for your body, but it makes you fart. Such things as eggs or cheese would also cause this problem.
  2. You swallow air
    You can either drink carbonated beverages or sodas, or you just swallow the air. And, if you say: I have been farting a lot lately, most likely you have been swallowing much air, too or drinking it.
  3. Health problems
    Certain troubles with your digestive system may also lead to farting. Those may include gastroenteritis, lactose intolerance and some other. So, if you want to learn how to stop farting naturally, do a medical checkup and treat those conditions.
  4. Emotional trouble
    If you feel stressed out or anxious all the time, it may cause farting. Adrenaline stimulates your intestine and you also start swallowing more air. So, if your child is farting much, you may want to find out what are they so stressed about.
  5. Pregnancy
    Yes, farting could be one of the early pregnancy symptoms. So, if you are a Nigerian lady and you suddenly start fasting more, it may bring some happy tidings for you.
  6. Bad habits
    That is one of the fart facts, if a person smokes, they are more inclined to farting.
  7. Old age
    With the years gas problem may become only worse. Your digestive system becomes weaker and it may lead to excessive farting.
    I farting so much? – 7 top reasons for Nigerians

Why farts smell bad?

The thing is that your fart contains such elements as oxygen, methane, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc. These gases make the fart smelly or stinky. In fact, it is normal to fart at least 10 times a day and up to 20 times.

Why am I farting

Is farting good for you?

It is natural. All people do it. When you swallow too much air, it is good, because you can let it out and avoid pain in your stomach. If you have health problems on the other hand, then farting is good, because it indicates the problem and allows you to get timely treatment for it.

farting so much?

Does farting burn calories

Interesting question! One of the researches carried out by scientists shows that each fart helps you burn 67 calories. Moreover, if you do it over 50 times per day, you can burn one pound of fat. Moreover, they believe that by letting the gas go a person can prolong his or her life. Of course, these researches have to get more scientific data, but what you already know may be enough to let the gas go.

  Nigerians farting so much?

How to stop farting all the time

So, how do you stop from farting too much?

Why farts smell bad?

  • Balance up your diet
    Eat less of fatty and fiber food.
  • Stop drinking soda
    Exclude all the soda carbonated drinks from your diet.
  • Stop swallowing air
    Learn to breathe but not to get it into your stomach
  • Run medical tests
    Visit a doctor and make sure your farting is not a symptom of any disease.
  • Stop smoking
    Quit smoking and stay away from all the bad habits.
    Is farting good

As you can see, farting is not altogether bad. It has some positive sides to it. So, just make sure it happens in a natural way and does not indicate any health problems. 


Yes, the word fart is funny, but when it affects health was already there. But we all know of people like farts, it depends on the work of internal organs, stomach toist and the like. It is so arranged that people should and fart and go to the toilet. Such human physiology, and there is nothing ashamed. I certainly before this article does not even know that you can not bring myself to fart, the reasons that there are so many, you can not even eat the food, and walk to fart all day, or have not. You may have problems with the intestines, and periodically napomitnat currently. After farts all people in the world, and laugh on that one farted as if you've never done this, it's ridiculous.

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