Why are black people's eyes yellow?

Are you worried that your eyes are yellow? What are the reasons black people have yellow eyes? This article will answer these questions and will tell you a lot of other interesting facts!

black people’s yellow eyes

If you notice that the whites of your eyes become yellow it most likely means that you have health problems. But if we are speaking about black people’s yellow eyes it’s not always the sign of sickness.

The most common yellow eyes causes are the bad habits such as smoking or drinking, jaundice or the Caucasian origin.

However, the residents of Africa tend to have yellow eyes because of the place where they live. The bodies of the African people usually have a huge amount of melanin.

It is the substance that controls your skin and eye color. It is responsible for the color of your sclera too. Due to this fact the eyes of the African people may vary from yellow to brown.

This feature is inherited from your parents so there is nothing that can be done to change it.

Therefore, the yellow eyes humans have are not always a sign of bad health. Sometimes it’s just a matter of your origin. Sometimes doctors confuse it with jaundice though.

That’s why the examination of the children should be held very carefully, especially if the kid has dark skin. Sclera is the thing that should be examined first.

But the doctors should still keep in mind that it might be the melanin that creates such color. What is more, the other reason for Africans to have yellow eyes natural is the conditions that they live in.

Those who live in the pour regions of the continent can get sick very easily. For instance, the poor condition of your liver might be the cause of the yellow eyes.

Cirrhosis is a severe sickness of the liver which can only be cured by the doctors. That’s why you should go through the medical examination often.

What can I do to get rid of it?

First of all, you should have a habit of drinking a lot of water. The doctors state that 2 litres is the minimum amount that you have to consume in order to be healthy.

black people’s yellow eyes

It will not only make your kidneys work better but will also make sure that the whites of your eyes are not yellow anymore. The other thing that is necessary to do is eating a lot of fruits and vegetables.

When you do it often it helps your liver to reset its functions and start working a lot better. Moreover, you can make fruit cocktails during the summer season! You also have to sleep a lot.

The sufficient amount of sleep helps you to have enough energy during the day.

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Make sure not to stare at your electronic devices before falling asleep as it is a distraction that also harms your eyes and your eyesight in particular. You also have to quit your bad habits.

Smoking is slowly killing your lungs and also makes it harder for the other organs to function well. Alcohol is the killer of your liver. If you stop doing it you will see the difference quite fast.

If you are taking any kind of medication it also harms your liver. That’s why ask your doctor to prescribe you some other pills to make your liver work better. But be careful!

Don’t buy any medicine yourself as it can only do you harm. The doctor will know what pills will work better in the combination with the other medications. Another reason for yellow eyes is anaemia.

In this case the best option is to contact your doctor or to eat foods that contain a sufficient amount of iron. A lot of green vegetables are the best for this purpose.

You can make nice salads and combine it with some meat. It will be really healthy and delicious!  One more cause of yellowish eyes can be a sickness called hepatitis. You have to go the hospital first.

There you will get a prescription for the special pills or any other kind of antiviral medicine.

Why are eyes yellow? Jaundice

A lot of infants suffer from jaundice and it’s absolutely normal. Of course it’s necessary to ask the doctor about that but it actually happens quite often.

black people’s yellow eyes

The first days or weeks are the most dangerous for the newborn as their organism is still adapting to being outside the mom’s womb. Their immune system is not fully developed.

What is more, the size of their liver is also very small. It usually takes at least few days before it starts functioning normally.

The cause of infants’ yellow eyes can also be the milk of their mothers. If something is wrong with it you really need to consider talking to the expert.

Symptoms of jaundice

You will see that your baby’s eyes turn yellow on the 2nd or 3d day after the birth. The skin of a newborn sometimes gets yellow too. It spreads gradually through their entire body.

And therefore the eyes suffer too. The whites become yellow and the baby might seem unhealthy to you. A lot of infants leave the hospital quite soon after the birth.

black people’s yellow eyes

That’s why it is so important that they come back and go through the medical examination again in a few days. Sometimes this sickness isn’t that easy to find in black babies because of their features.

However, modern medicine allows the doctors to test them and conclude if they are actually sick or not. But the parents should be very attentive during the first few weeks.

Is it curable?

Jaundice isn’t really dangerous and it’s natural that infants suffer from this sickness. As a rule the weird skin and eye color will go away on a few weeks.

If the cause of this problem is the milk from the mother’s breast the breastfeeding has to be stopped for a while. If none of the treatments help the doctors might also consider the blood transfusion.

However, it doesn’t happen that often.

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