Why bleaching is so popular among Nigerian women these days?

Nowadays more and more Nigerian women go for bleaching! But why do they do it? Find out here!

bleaching skin

The natural beauty is the most wonderful thing in the world. However, the majority of Nigerian women don’t feel comfortable being themselves. Most of them are not satisfied with their skin colour.

That’s why more than a half of girls want to bleach skin. The amount of women who do it in Nigeria is the biggest in the world!

If you track the make-up and skin-caring products that are recently being released, you will notice that there appeared more things for bleaching face and the whole body in general.

It influences the fashion trades and basically establishes new standards. It is a really negative thing which shouldn’t be taking place anywhere in the world.

The media is trying to convince the women with the different skin colour that they need to change it in order to look more beautiful. It’s all about money for them, but it ruins a lot of lives and creates even more prejudices.

Speaking of money, Nigeria has made a lot of profit on bleaching. All the means of lightning the skin are so popular that there are thousands of new products released every day.

The women who are worried about their appearance buy it as soon as they see it. Moreover, the most of them is pre-ordering it because they don’t want to be late.

That’s why the pharmaceutical companies make a huge amount of money. We can argue if it is the honest way of earning money or not, but it won’t change anything.

The most of the women can explain the reasons why they are doing the chemical bleaching. Some of them do it more than once and there are also women who do it throughout their life in an attempt to make their skin absolutely white.

bleaching skin

The products usually give the results and the tone of their skin gets lighter and lighter. More than a half of the girls do it because they want to like themselves and, moreover, to be liked by boys.

However, there are also those who state that the attention of the opposite sex is not that important. They just want to become different people.

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What is more, there are not only African people who go for this kind of affair. The representatives of the companies, who produce the means of skin lightning, state that they have customers everywhere in the world.

The country with the biggest amount of customers is America, and some countries in Europe share the second place.

And a small percent of the women who order the bleaching products have white skin, which is also quite surprising.

These products are only affordable for people with the stable income as the average price for a small box is about 200 dollars.

This news is pretty disappointing and scary. The women need to love themselves the way they are. They shouldn’t listen to the TVs and newspapers who are trying to convince them to change to make others happy. It is all a huge lie.

But the worst thing is that some of the African doctors are now saying that it might be good for your health! However, it is simply not true. It is more likely that they are just very corrupted. They also want to make money out of it.

bleaching skin

The things that the experts say are really new for the women. There is no evidence so it is very hard to understand who is lying and who is telling the truth.

There are some doctors who confidently label the bleaching thing just a pure business. They are saying that there is no benefit for your health and the others are just lying in order to receive as much money as possible.

Moreover, there is no hope that all the propaganda is going to stop. The companies are really serious with their intentions.

The other experts are trying to understand why the girls actually believe the media. How can they not see that it’s just the attempt to get more and more profit? Why are they always so critical about their appearance?

The experts state that there is absolutely no proof that the girls with different skin colour have the different success with the opposite sex. They have the biased understanding of what beauty is.

They don’t understand that relationship has totally nothing to do with the appearance. Moreover, there are both beautiful white and black girls. Sometimes it’s also done because the girls don’t want to feel left out.

It’s very wrong and sad that they can’t handle the pressure.

bleaching skin

However, the bleaching products are sometimes used for the other purposes. For example, if a person suffers from some kind of skin injury (not a disease though).

Sometimes it helps against sunburns and makes your skin stronger. But they definitely shouldn’t overuse it as it’s going to change the skin colour and make them look absolutely different.

If you do the chemical bleaching procedure, there is always a risk that something will go wrong.

For example, you might not get the exact colour that you wanted. Moreover, the condition of your skin is likely to get worse. It might become vulnerable to the infections. In general, it is not that safe.

To sum up, the production of these bleaching products is not going to stop. Vice versa, it is expected to grow even faster. So be aware of what you’re buying and be careful too!

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