Why breastfeeding is important?

Do you know that breastfeeding is very important for a healthy child? You should read the article to get to know more about all the benefits of breastfeeding.

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Breast milk - is the only best food for the child during the first 4-5 months of life. It has all the necessary vitamins and minerals, as well as the antibodies that protect the baby from infection. Therefore, in this period it is not necessary to give your baby any other food or beverages, including water. The first time to apply to the breastfeeding is to be within the first hour of life. Wherein during the first week there isn't breast milk, but another material - colostrum. It contains all the same substances as milk, but in larger quantities. After 4-5 months, the child needs to get additional food. But this does not mean that breastfeeding should be completely stopped. It is widely believed that it is enough to feed your child up to a year, but ideally you need to continue breastfeeding until the second year of life - this way most children grow up stronger.


Breastfeeding ensures a woman with a probability of contraceptive effect. But under the condition if monthly haven't begun yet and she feeds the baby day and night. In addition, breastfeeding is the prevention of female breast disease (mastopathy), including: tumors, and cancers of the uterus and the ovaries.

For MILK not to escape

If the mother has not got enough milk, there are several recipes for how to make it better. Firstly, you need to stop being nervous: stress - is the first enemy of milk. For this reason, you need more rest, sleep and walk in the fresh air- it should be done with the closest people. Secondly, you need to eat more, but pungent, bitter, sour, salty worsens the quality of milk and can harm the baby. For example, a head of garlic, cabbage or beans can cause your baby to suffer from colic and flatulence, and chocolate - results into itching. Do not get involved.

So young

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You should put forward the need for all sorts of porridge and sour fruits. Most suitable drinks for feeding - green tea, stewed fruit, cow's milk, milk products and the mixture of carrot, apple and grape juice 1: 1: 1.

What mistakes can committed by the feeding mother?

1. Feed the baby for hours. Healthy child always knows when he wants to eat - he wakes up and starts crying. If he has a clean diaper and "empty" tummy, no options left: your baby wants to "eat". And it is absolutely inhuman to wake the baby because "we have scheduled feeding at this time."

2. Sometimes a mother, seeing that her child is gaining weight quite poorly, she decides to give him some additional food. It is not right. In this case, a child needs to be fed more often - at least twelve times per day, every breastfeeding should be for at least 15 minutes.


3. Too neat mothers wash nipples before each feeding. Indeed, the breast skin should be clean and for this it is necessary to wash it before feeding with baby soap. But if you do it before each feeding - making it too dry, it becomes more vulnerable and susceptible to infection. The optimal cleaning is once per day. If the nipple is still injured, to heal it is best to apply oil solution of vitamin A (retinol) or sea buckthorn oil, but not before feeding, and after, because of the unusual taste the baby may refuse to suck it.

4. "The more nutritious the food you eat the better is the milk - think mothers. It depends on what you mean by nutrition. If the fat, the milk will not become better. The more fat you consume, the fatter is the milk and the harder for the kid to digest it.

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