Why cycling can be harmful for our health?

Is cycling your hobby? If yes, you should know about harmful effects of cycling. Read the article to learn details.

harmful cycling
Caution! Harmful effects of cycling can affect your sex life.

A series of new researches confirms that cyclists - especially  men - should be very cautious in choosing the bicycle saddle.

The latest data confirm earlier evidence that the use of a traditional bicycle seat with a narrow back and a sharp nose can lead to impotence.

Scientists say that some types of saddle designs are more dangerous than others. However, even so-called ergonomic seats, designed specifically to protect the genitals, according to scientists, can cause harm. Dozens of studies in this area from a variety of scientific journals have been summarized in three articles in one of Sexual Medicine Magazine issue.

In anticipating the article, Dr. Steven Schrader, an expert in reproductive health,  studying  the impact of cycling at the National Institute of health and safety,  states that the question is not whether men’s dysfunction is caused by bike riding. The question is, what to do.

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Is cycling harmful?

Studies conducted by researchers from Boston University show that the more a person rides a bike, the more risk of impotence or loss of libido he has.  At the same time, scientists in Australia have discovered that many cyclists, riding, mountain biking, often get scrapes from the seat, which can lead to other functional health problems.

This does not mean that you can not ride a bike, says Dr. Schrader. Those who ride a bicycle rarely and  for short distances, do not need to worry about anything.

However, cyclists who regularly spend many hours in the saddle must take care about their health. He believes that the industry needs to develop a cycling safer saddles and stop the construction to diminish the risk associated with this issue.

The representative of the industry said that they were aware of this problem, and added that "new designs are under development."

The researchers found that 5% of men who ride bikes intensively have erectile dysfunctions . However, some experts believe that these figures could be higher because many men are too embarrassed to admit it or not associated with his passion for bike failure in bed.

The link between bicycle saddles and impotence first attracted public attention in 1997 when a Boston urologist Dr. Irwin Goldstein, who has studied the issue, said that "there are two types of cyclists - those who are impotent and those who will only be."

Cyclists took offense and took a defensive position, he says.  They said cycling is healthy and could not harm. Of course, there are some problems , but not in sexual aspect.

Bicycle manufacturers have listened, says physical therapist Joshua Cohen, the author of "Perfect bicycle saddle." Dozens of new seat models have been developed with special grooves, branching back, and thick gel pads. Assigning all of these  details  relieve pressure on tender body parts.

harmful cycling

Scientists have also accelerated the pace of their research. Several dozen studies using sophisticated equipment were carried out since 2000 to consider what happens when the delicate anatomy of the human meets  a bicycle saddle. The most damaged area is  a crotch between the external genitals and the anus. "When you sit on a chair, the body does not have the pressure on the perineum, - explains Dr. Schrader -. But when you sit on the bike, you put pressure on the perineum with all his weight, and pressure is increased seven times."

Man experience harmful effects of cycling

The men have the sexual channel in this area,  called Alcock canal, where the artery and the nerve passes. This channel provides a supply of blood while sex contact, and it comes to nerve impulses. Alcock canal runs next to the bone, says Goldstein, and when a cyclist sits on a narrow saddle, the artery and the nerve are compressed. Over time, a reduction in blood flow can lead to the fact that blood pressure will be enough to ensure that there was a full erection.

As for women, Goldstein said, the same arteries supply blood to the clitoris during intercourse. Studies with a female cyclist were not a lot, but, perhaps, they are suffering from similar problems.

Researchers have resorted to a variety arsenal of techniques to study the compression caused by different saddles. One such method involves the attachment to the saddle special, equipped with a sensor simulator. Another technology to the penis cyclist mounted sensors that measure oxygen flow through the arteries under the skin.
harmful sport for man

Studies show that when the cyclist is seated on the conventional saddle in the form of droplets, the fourth part of his body weight falls on the tip of the saddle is experiencing excessive pressure resulting crotch. The amount of oxygen supplied to the penis, typically in three minutes is reduced to 70-80%. "As long as man is sitting on a bicycle, the oxygen flow to his penis may fall to 100%, but he did not even notice after thirty minutes of numbness comes." - Says Cohen.

Gel pads can also increase the pressure on the crotch since the gel can move inside the seat, and not been provided in those areas in which it is necessary.

 Harmful effects of weigh cycling

Just like not all smokers have  lung cancer, not all riders become impotents, scientists say. It is unknown why one person resists  the problem but  the other does not.  Apparently, some dependence on body weight, as well as the differences in the anatomical structure of the body should be taken into consideration.

Doctor Goldstein faced  the patients for whom it was a shock to learn that their impotence is associated with cycling. One middle-aged man becomes impotent after taking part in a special bicycle race in honor of his friend. College student, participating in bicycle races, could not achieve an erection until he underwent surgery to microsurgery of vessels.

"We say that you must wear helmets and knee pads - specialists say - but no one thinks about the protection of the most intimate areas."

The safest seats, experts say, are those who are forced to sit in the saddle straight, relying on the sitting bones.

Scientists insist on the superiority of seats without the spout. Finding that traditional seats reduce the quality of erections in young policemen patrolling on bicycles, he persuaded the officers to go on bikes with saddles without noses.

Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t  it? What is your point of view?

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