Why deadlifts are beneficial for health?

Deadlift has never been held in high esteem for beginners, it is supposed to be too difficult and dangerous exercise. But everyone should know the real benefits of this exercise.


It usually happens that chest and biceps muscles are the priority for novice athletes. Not everybody realizes that without strong legs and back biceps won’t be in progress, and performing isolation exercises alone, you will never get desirable results.

As a rule, doing the heavy lifting on a biceps standing, for beginners there is a feeling that they lack enough biceps strength, but in reality it's just hard for them to keep the body in balance because the strength of the back and legs is not enough. Performing deadlifts, you will not only develop these muscles but also make them much stronger. Well, strong legs and back - is the base without which it is difficult to buff up. A well-muscled back becomes a powerful support for the muscles of the shoulder girdle, which allows them to gain greater muscle force. By the way, legs have the same function. They perform the function of support. In addition, having a small weight of the body, the operating weight will be also small. Well, buff up legs and back to gain the muscle weight!

Deadlift - this is just an exercise that works straightforwardly with these two muscle groups. Other similar exercises simply do not exist. That is why especially the deadlift leads the athlete to his main goal - a great mass of the major muscle groups.


When the representatives of the sports science started examining the impact of the deadlift on muscle growth they were a lot of surprised. As the total weight gain does not fit into the principle of a simple theory of the growth of the two muscle groups. Scientific studies have proven that the deadlift causes the record in the synthesis of testosterone and growth hormone - the main anabolic hormones. This suggests that the deadlift develops not only the back and legs but the entire muscle tone.

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Indeed, if we consider the deadlift in terms of Kinesiology, you will find that this exercise is as much of 8 movements. This leg press, back extension, leg curl, curl-press, bending wrists, rises on the toes, bent down and shrugs. It is an impressive list.

Deadlift seems much heavier than presses and squats. This is not the fact that almost all the muscles involved in the work. According to scientists, it's quite different. For example, when you press a barbell lying, at the start your pectoral muscles are stretched, allowing them to be more fully reduced. The deadlift has no pre-stretching. Hence, the entire burden of this exercise.


However, as the deadlift is useful at the same rate it is also dangerous. This exercise requires strict adherence to the technology of the implementation. It is also important to note that if you have been injured in the past the waist, then do not even think about doing this exercise. The fact is that it significantly overloads the lower back, this may only aggravate the injury or cause it to relapse.

In addition, it is not necessary for beginners to grasp at once the implementation of the deadlift. The first thing you need is to strengthen your lower back due to hyperextension. Only after the course of such exercises you can gradually start to get it, starting with small weights and working up to the ideal sharpening of the technique.


Firstly, you need to learn two fundamental principles: first - straight back, and second - you need to keep the bar as close to the feet. The closer it is, the safer it will move. It is clear that the bar sliding along the shins is quite a painful thing. Therefore, professionals recommend wearing high wool socks or bandaged knees and shins.

Generally deadlift - the best exercise for pumping a total muscle mass. This exercise is part of the training plans for all professional bodybuilders. Did you make becomes? The answer to this question will be the true measure of your motivation. If yes, you, enjoy the deadlift


According to the professionals, powerlifting and bodybuilding deadlift is inconceivable without giving an indispensable basis for the optimal set of muscle mass. The fact is that while making the deadlift the main burden falls on the rectifier spine, muscles on the thighs and buttocks, and also on the latissimus dorsi. It can be argued that this exercise is the best among the others, as the buffing up the volume of muscles, making deadlift, is much better than the isolated exercises for the same muscles.

When performing the deadlift, that is, in the case of involvement of a large group of muscles in the body of the athlete, a very complex system is included, but it is a very efficient process related to biomechanics. It can significantly improve the body's metabolism, and therefore the processes responsible for the growth of the muscle mass. Among other things, the deadlift perfectly strengthens virtually all the tendons and joints, and it is an additional incentive for the growth of the body. It has been observed that athletes who regularly perform this exercise are invariably progressing in the growth of muscle mass and achieve a noticeable improvement in the results of many other difficult exercises. For sure, you must simply understand the value of this exercise.

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