Why do I drink alcohol and still lose weight?

Why do I drink alcohol and still lose weight? Weight loss is a culture, a multi-faceted long-term process that affects all aspects of our lives, and, thus, changing the culture of alcohol consumption. How to do it correctly – please read below.

Alcohol and weight

Many people dream to drink alcohol and still lose weight. Alcohol is a very high-calorie product. Alcohol is the cause of so-called metabolic pause when the body ceases to absorb dietary calories. They are stored as fat because the body begins to process only because of alcohol calories.

What do scientists say?

According to Dr. Pamela Pike, author of The Hunger Fix, you should always keep in mind that alcohol stops metabolism for a while. The body first processes calories that are in alcohol.

Long-term observations, the results of which were published in such editions of Archives of Internal Medicine and the International Journal of Obesity, show that middle-aged people lose weight much less effective, if they regularly drink strong drinks.

Alcohol and weight loss

Scientists’ tips

  • Firstly, it should be borne in mind that some alcoholic drinks increase the appetite. Therefore, you would better eat before drinking. Food should be rich in carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats.
  • Secondly, you always need to know when to stop. It is better regularly drink a little, no more than the daily norm. "This is the worst thing you can do for your figure" - warns Dr. Pique. When there are several various drinks at a time in your stomach, it is much more difficult for your body to cope with calories, which in this case come in abundance.
  • Finally: be aware of the possible consequences. In this case, the risk is not in the hangover, but in the irrepressible appetite on the following day. Hunger causes dehydration. Your body tries to get the maximum amount of resources from liquid sources of food. In those days, doctors recommend eat food with the highest energy value (buckwheat, rice, pasta, bread, potatoes, legumes).

Requirements to alcohol during weight loss:

  • Weight loss is a culture, a multi-faceted long-term process that affects all aspects of our lives, and, thus, changing the culture of alcohol consumption.
  • You cannot drink more than 250 ml, regardless of the alcohol type. Alcohol is a full meal.
  • If you drink large amounts of alcohol during weight loss, then you break the rules. This day shall be for you to gluttony.
  • Number of alcohol days per week - no more than two.

Alcohol and weight ways

Number of calories in popular alcoholic beverage

You need to know how many calories are in a particular alcoholic product.

  • Dark beer - 74 calories.
  • Beer - 42.
  • Sweet dessert wine - 153.
  • White wine - 65.
  • Dry red wine - 68.
  • White sparkling wine - 78.
  • Gene - 220
  • Rum - 200
  • Liquor - 280
  • Whiskey - 220
  • Vodka - 220.

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Weight and alcohol

Rules: How to drink alcohol and still lose weight?

  • You need to drink slowly. If you stretch a glass of wine for an hour, the alcohol will not affect the weight.
  • During a celebratory feast it is permissible to drink no more than 50 g of alcohol: vodka - 120 ml, 300 ml of wine, beer - 800 ml.
  • Soft drinks are the best option. Wine should be mixed with water, whiskey with soda, and gin with tonic.
  • In the weight loss period one should prefer dry red wine, not white. Instead of vodka or gin it is better to drink whiskey or brandy.
  • Food! The rate of alcohol absorption depends on what we drink or eat during drinking. Therefore, charcuterie and bread slow down the rate of alcohol absorption, but fruit or soda, on the contrary, increase.

Weight and wine


Now you know how to drink alcohol and lose weight. You must be able to get satisfaction from life. If you drink, remember that good quality drinks and moderate amounts have not been canceled. A bit of good alcohol will not prevent you from losing weight in a comfortable pleasure. On the contrary, it will give you the perfect mood and help beating stress. This means that the weight stabilization after a reset will take place more easily and with greater assurance of no returning to former weight. Of course, all these points are relevant to those who drink.

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