Why do I sweat so much?

What are the main signs of strong sweating? Read the article to find an answer.

Some people are interested: why do I sweat so much? It is really a common problem. Public professions, performances, and even daily communication become almost excessive task for such patients. In the most severe form, it can lead people to serious psychological problems: patients become closed, avoid any social contacts, and suffer from underestimated self-assessment. So if you often ask why I sweat on my face and when I sleep, you’ll probably find an answer below.

 why do I sweat so much

Why do I sweat so much in my sleep?

Very often, the person doesn't attach significance to strong sweating at night. The reasons of this sweating during a dream are various, and people don’t even imagine what signal is given to him by organism by such method. The symptom of very serious diseases, about which we don't even suspect, can disappear in such signs of an organism.

  • In most cases, the reason of strong sweating during the night period is hyperhidrosis. It is chronic increased sweating in rather plentiful quantity. The medicine hasn't found the reasons of this illness yet;

in my sleep

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  • One more common cause of strong sweating during a dream is an oncological disease. If sweating is followed by fever and fast loss of weight, it is necessary to see a doctor immediately. When the diagnosis is confirmed clinically, most likely it is cancer called lymphoma;
  • It is worth remembering also about infectious diseases, which can cause strong sweating during a dream, for example: AIDS, tuberculosis (it is observed mainly at smoking people), an inflammation of bone tissues (osteomyelitis), endocarditis (an inflammation of valves of cardiac muscle);

sweat at night

  • The reasons of strong sweating during a dream can arise because of hormonal changes at women. In particular, in the period of menopause night sleep can provoke strengthened sweating, because body temperature during this period increases. Pregnant women can also observe this. Men at the age of about 45 years can also find an arterial pressure, which begins to increase. It promotes temperature increase of body, and as a result, sweat exudation amplifies;
  • People having diabetes are also subject to the strengthened sweating. At night sugar in blood decreases. This state is called a hypoglycemia;

from my head

  • One more common cause is the wrong food eaten before going to bed. It can be very fat, fried or spicy product. Those shouldn't be eaten before night. Such sweating has not systematic character;
  • It is also necessary to pay attention to the size of thyroid gland. If you have found out that it has increased in sizes, go to the doctor immediately;
  • Such reasons as increased fatigue at work, stress and chronic sleep lack are also the reasons of strengthened sweating.

Why do I sweat so much 1

Why do I sweat so much on my face?

As a rule, the person's face strongly sweats in hot weather, at temperature about 30 °C, and also during run or other physical exercises. In these cases, it is normal and natural. But if these factors are absent, and you still ask a question why I sweat so much from my head, it is a signal that there are failures in systems of an organism. These could be:

Why do I sweat so much 2

  • Failures in hormonal system;
  • Improper diet;
  • Reaction on medicines;
  • Violations in work of internals;

Why do I sweat so much 3

  • Neurotic frustration;
  • Reaction of skin to cosmetics.

It happens that the person has similar problems during all life. It can speak about presence of any chronic disease, or about specific feature of an organism. And if diseases in chronic form respond to treatment, then sometimes it is just impossible to cope with natural predisposition to a strong hyperhidrosis.

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