Why do we cry

Do you want to know why we cry? Then this article is for you!

Hundreds of people cry every day but they all have different reasons for it. Why do we cry? It can be both physical and emotional pain or even tears of happiness. So here are the most common reasons for people to cry.

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Why do we cry when we cut onions

We all cry when we cut onions. Why is it happening? How can we avoid it? Those questions are asked every day by a lot of people. Nowadays the answers are already well-known. Science has a simple explanation to this process. When we cut an onion we destroy its cells. Enzymes and amino acids, which used to act separately start to interact. As a result, their interaction creates a whole new substance which is sometimes called a lacrimators. Its vapors get into the lacrimal gland of an eye and create a small amount of sulfuric acid. However, it is small enough to start burning, resulting in a flood of tears.If you wonder why onions are so “unfriendly”, experts believe that it is a natural defense mechanism against the pests. Once they bite the onion, the chemical weapon starts to act.

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The most common reason to cry is a bad mood. You had a really bad day, you lost your job, someone stole your wallet and your friend doesn’t seem to care about your problems. One moment – and you burst into tears.

But how does it work? Why do we cry when we’re sad?

There is no definite explanation to this. However, psychologists found out that the tears are an instinctive reaction. After people weep, they start to feel a lot better. It happens because there are certain substances in our eyes that reduce feelings of anxiety, sadness, depression and pain. But it doesn’t mean that people can cry a lot and stay healthy because the weakened nerves can lead to complex nerve diseases. People believe that women live longer than men because they don’t hesitate to cry, which affects their lives. Tears cleanse the body which helps people to deal with stress a lot easier.

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People also cry for the natural reasons. For example, when it’s cold and windy outside most people tend to have watery eyes. But there are also other cases when “crying” is just a normal reaction.

Why do we cry when we yawn?

Our eyes starts to get wet when we cry, yawn in the morning or laugh really hard. When the person is yawning, the muscles on his face contract and it basically makes the tears come out of the eyes. But it’s an absolutely natural reaction so there’s certainly nothing to be afraid of. Our body wants us to function normal and that’s why those things happen. It mostly happens in the morning because we need to moisten our eyes for them to function well during all day as they dry up in a dream.

Why do we cry when we’re happy?

We all remember days when everything was great and we felt as happy as never before. But don’t we want to cry when something exciting is happening? For example, when you get a great surprise or when your baby is born. Some researchers say that if you cry at the weddings because you’re happy, it means that you show a negative reaction to a happy experience. They believe that such an unusual reaction helps to restore emotional balance to keep your emotions under control in the future. It happens when a person is experiencing a lot of positive emotions at a time and he needs to recover.

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And here’s another good question – why do we cry when we laugh? It seems to be two whole different emotions that we have at the same time. How does it work?

Laugh is a human’s reaction to the joy and positive emotions. However, sometimes we laugh so hard that we can feel the tears running down our cheeks. Obviously, the tears only appear at the moments of strong, both positive and negative experiences. When we express our feeling is a calmer way, we do not cry or laugh. And when we cry after experiencing any kinds of strong emotions we feel better. Therefore we can say that the tears are a consequence of psycho-physiological processes that lead to the balance of our psychological condition.


I personally can not answer these questions with certainty, the only thing I should mention is the fact that my tears - it is a manifestation of emotions. This factor proves that I'm a living, feeling human being, not a machine. It distinguishes us as Homo sapiens from all other living beings. And we must be aware of this and even proud. In moments of happiness or unhappiness, our soul reacts and responds with tears, so that the tears - it is definitely a sign of life! I wish you all over displays of affection and happiness, of course!

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