Why do we need to go to sauna regularly?

Sauna has a positive effect on the body's thermoregulation. In general, the human body temperature is constant. If the ambient temperature rises, the heat transfer process is active, the skin releases excess heat through perspiration. So, in such a way our body excretes out accumulated toxins.


Scientists have found out the positive effects of sauna and steam room on the nervous system. After the sauna the reaction rate increases, improving coordination and balancing. Good mood and well-being in many respects depend on the way of staying in the sauna or steam room. Interior and fragrance are very important too. To improve the mood, add aromatic oils and herbs. It is possible to humidify the air in the sauna via infusion of peppermint, pine needles, eucalyptus, combined with hot air, well, the effect will be more powerful and useful.

The high temperature in the sauna activates the functioning of the heart. But it does not wear out, it tempers. If you have high blood pressure one-time visit of the sauna should not exceed 10 minutes, otherwise you may experience negative effects such as mild nausea, dizziness. Using a sauna regularly improves blood circulation, cerebral blood vessels become more elastic and strong at the expense of the blood filling.

Drink alcoholic beverages and food during and after a visit to the sauna or the steam room is not recommended. Drink plenty of fluids. Take a cool shower or take a dip in a cool pool to stimulate your cardiovascular system to work better.


The sauna reduces our muscle tone. Tension and pain in the muscles are reduced, they become more elastic. Especially sauna is useful to those who are actively involved in sports, aerobics, swimming. Oxygen consumption is reduced, as, during your stay in the sauna, breathing becomes more frequent, coming out of the sauna, you begin to breathe deeply, breathing is not difficult.

But the most important is the benefits of sauna on the skin. The blood circulation in the skin is increased due to increasing of the temperature. On the surface of the skin temperature can reach 41-42 degrees Celsius. The vessels dilate, the epidermis becomes softer, the skin becomes more sensitive, so, immune-biological properties of the skin are increased. Color and condition of the skin are improved, it becomes soft and smooth to the touch.

A one-time visit to the sauna reduces your body weight. After a visiting body weight is reduced by an average of 2%.


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Especially effective use of the sauna in the combination with massage and spa treatments!

All people are divided into two categories: those who love massage and those who have never tried it. After any kind of massage, made in a sauna, you will have a feeling of freedom and tranquility. Try massage, which is done by masters, and you will want to do it again!

After the sauna your blood pressure normalizes, improving the overall health, as there is a natural regulation of metabolism. Massage after the sauna helps people with diseases of the nervous system, suffering from osteochondrosis and spinal diseases.

sauna benefits

The sauna relieves tiredness. No wonder that men are so fond of being steamed in weekends in the bath or sauna. The sauna will restore your strength, relieve fatigue, your gait will be easy. Sauna is very useful if you have any injuries of ligaments, joints and fractures. The next morning, if the sauna, of course, was prepared correctly, you will feel like a newly born.

Five days a week most of us spend at work. There is very little or no choice at all to have time to be engaged in sports. At the level of the load on the human body, sauna is comparable to fast running or active aerobics. Thus, the sauna can replace you access to the gym.

Remember about hygiene. Before each procedure, it is necessary to take a shower. In the sauna or steam room, sit on your towel. Try to avoid being on the sun on the day of the procedure and in some cases the next day. Do not eat for an hour before and alcohol on the day of the procedure. Before and after the procedure you should consume plenty of fluids, especially if you have to be in the sauna or steam room for a long time.

sauna regularly

Warn specialist if you have any health problems, report about this by signing up for the procedure (massage, spa, whatever). Perhaps some of the procedures you are undesirable. Also, before the procedure inform the specialist about contraindications (for example, allergic reactions). If you have a procedure which is connected with your face - inform the beautician, if you wear contact lenses.

Get maximum pleasure. All aspects of the procedure may be modified as you wish: light music (or lack thereof), the temperature in the room, and even a talk with your specialist (you refuse from talking during the procedure if you want to enjoy the peace). Do not hesitate to ask questions. Your specialist will be grateful to you if you let him know about your feelings, thoughts about the procedure, etc.

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