Why hair turns gray?

What are the reasons why hair turns gray at the early age? How to learn whether it has a lack of necessary vitamins and minerals? Read the information below to learn the possible reasons why your hair turns gray and to solve the problem.

Why hair turns grey

Why hair turns grey?

Gray hair in the representation of the majority is a sign of an old age. However, today the scientific facts force to doubt this theory: about 40% of women and men aged up to 30 years are subject to violation of pigmentation of hair. Scientists of the whole world puzzle over a question why hair turn gray at young and healthy people but haven't come to unambiguous conclusions yet. Anyway, experts in the field of medicine and cosmetology could establish several reasons of the emergence of this misfortune.

  • Diseases. Each woman dreams to look fresh and attractive for long years. However, the early gray hair is capable of adding some age to the person. It becomes frequent that the reason is a failure in work of internal systems or partial dysfunction of separate bodies. The following diseases can cause violation of pigmentation of a hair:
  • chronic diseases of the digestive system, and also violations in work of a digestive tract;
  • lack of vitamins;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • anemia;
  • violations in the nervous system, chronic stresses;
  • serious viral diseases in adult age;
  • diseases of kidneys.

Food and addictions

Certainly, early detection of an illness will be able to save you from the premature emergence of a gray hair. Contrary to social advertising, the few people address to medical institutions for passing of preventive inspection before appearing of obvious symptoms of a disease.

Scientific fact: the gray hair is a consequence of the violation of functioning of hair root – the main producer and the supplier of nutrients for a hair core. As a result of the failure of system synthesis of protein and intake of the vital amino acids, which are necessary for the development of pigment cells, decreases. A gray hair means a lack of the painting pigment in a hair core. Statistically, about 30% of cases of an emergence of gray hair are reversible at the early age.

  • Food and addictions. From an early age, everyone has understood the simple truth: the correct way of life is a guarantee of beauty and longevity, and health of hair is not an exception. But at a frantic pace, it is extremely difficult to follow all rules.
  • Career, a hobby, friends, entertainments – young people seek to manage to do as much as possible, paying the price of own health. 24 hours a day aren't enough for daily walks in the fresh air, a full-fledged dream and cooking of correct food. And an elementary lack of rest and a diet can lead to the premature emergence of the first gray hair.
  • Protein starvation is one more reason why hair turns gray. Diets with low protein content, which is the main construction material for ringlets, lead to the fact that hair follicles begin to 'starve'. Hairs become thinner. They split and drop out. In risk group, as a rule, there are young girls who seek to get a model figure at any cost, without thinking of consequences.
  • Lack of vitamins and minerals. Monotonous food, a lack of fresh vegetables and fruits, the use of the drugs interfering digestion of nutrients – all this can lead to vitamins deficiency, which, in turn, complicates activity of hair and its growth. As a result – the hear thins and become gray.
  • Heredity. Why is hair up to 30 years turn gray? Possibly, the case is in heredity. The hereditary factor plays an important role in formation and development of a human body. Scientists of the whole world agree in opinion that earlier emergence of a gray hair in parents practically always guarantees a premature graying of the child. In this case, to resort to the treatment of a head of hearing is useless. However, you shouldn't forget about cosmetology novelties.

Protein starvation

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Gray hair cure

Is it possible to restore the injured hair and to return a saturated color to the head? Experts claim what it is possible. Today for prevention and treatment of early graying many salons, offer clients special remedy. This is a hypodermic using of biologically active agents.

Active components are nicotinic acid, vitamins of the Bb group of high concentration, and amino acids. One of such remedies is Anti-gray hair 7050.

Anti-gray hair 7050 reviews

‘I've been using the enzyme catalase for a year or two. It works. But you need a little patience. I am almost 64 years old. I started out using a product that cost about $30 for a one-month supply. My hair, when I started, was almost completely white except for that section at the back of the neck, which is always the last to go. I have bangs. At the end of one month, I found a dark hair growing in my bangs where all had been pure white before’.

As you see, all problems with a hair loss can be solved at any age. You need only to try to find the reasons of this problem and to act according to it.

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