Why menstruation delays?

Are you having problems with your period? Do you feel pain or does it start too late? This article will help you find out the reasons why it can be happening to you.

menstruation disorder

Are you having problems with your period? The menstruation disorder can happen for several reasons. A lot of women tend to think that it’s only pregnancy that causes menstruation problems but it’s not true.

Moreover, it doesn’t necessary have to be a serious sickness which makes your period late. Sometimes it’s absolutely natural for your period to stop being regular.

The menstruation normally starts at the age from 12 to 15. It’s different for every female. The beginning of the period means that a girl becomes fertile and therefore has an ability to conceive children.

The first years after it started it’s not going to be regular. It takes time before your organism adjusts to it. The other reason for delays might be the menopause.

It’s the time when you are not able to get pregnant anymore. It usually starts when you are about 45 years old but it can also vary from person to person.

The menstruation cycle for the girls is normally about 28 days. Usually if it’s from 21 to 36 it means that your system is working well.

A lot of women use the menstruation calendar to check it and calculate the dates of the future periods.


If you are constantly tired and busy it might mean that you are really stressed out. Stress can be caused by a lot of factors. For example, a lot of work or some tragic event that made you depressed.

Your brain is affected by any changes in your emotional and physical condition.

menstruation disorder

The hormones might start acting differently which tricks you brain and makes it harder to keep up with the usual period schedule. If you feel like this is about you, there are certainly ways to overcome it.

Try to have some rest and take a break from your work. Get more sleep and you will be fine!

Not sufficient weight

If you suffer from any sickness involving low weight you are more likely to have your periods delayed.

The problem with that is that when you don’t have enough weight to keep your body healthy your brain will try to figure out ways to do it differently.

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In order to adjust to the new shape your body can change its functioning and the schedule of your menstruation can become different.

Extra weight

Any extreme changing in weight might cause serious harm to the woman’s body. The best thing you can do is visit your doctor and go through the medical examination.

If you have problems with the period because of the obesity you will have to get rid of it with the help of the special trainings and healthy food.

Birth Control

If you are the girl who takes birth control pills this information might be useful for you. First of all, if you only start taking them you should know that it will take time before your body will fully get used to it.

The same thing happens when you suddenly stop taking this medicine or switch it to some other pill. It might take months before the cycle gets back to normal again. You shouldn’t be worried about it.

Chronic Diseases

Another important factor might be the chronic diseases that you suffer from. Diabetes is a good example to illustrate it. Hormones experience the influence of the different sugar levels.

Sometimes you will have you menstruation in a different time every month. There are other chronic diseases that can get in the way to have a normal period.

menstruation disorder

Be sure to speak about it to your doctor if it bothers you.

Menopause that started earlier

The normal age when a woman is not fertile anymore is from 45 to 54. However, there are also those who are no more able to get pregnant even before they reach 40.

For every woman it’s a different case so you shouldn’t be really worried about it. This early menopause can create problems with your periods but it doesn’t necessary mean that something is wrong with you.

Getting too much of exercise

If you are an athlete or just a woman who loves to keep her body in shape, it’s absolutely great for your health and your outlook.

However, if you are trying too hard and exercise too much it might cause serious problems. Not only you can do harm to your muscles but your menstruation cycle can also change.

If you are a professional athlete who works out a lot you have a chance to have your periods irregularly. Some of the sportswomen stop having their period at all even when they are still young.

If you want to exercise a lot and stay healthy you have to make sure that you also consume enough energy. Don’t try to eat less and do more sport – it will only do you harm.

menstruation disorder

To make your periods normal again you have to make sure that you are not overdoing it. Be wise and careful with your health!

Do I need to talk to my doctor?

If none of those cases are about you, it might be a good idea to go to the hospital or make an appointment with a doctor that you trust.

They will examine you and after they get the results it will be possible to state why you have late periods.

You especially need to go to the hospital if you haven’t had period for more than 3 months or if you have it too often and experience a lot of pain.

To sum up, if you have bad menstruation symptoms it’s always better if you contact the doctor or try one of the methods described above.

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