Why plantain is beneficial for our health?

What diseases can plantain fruit treat? How many calories are there in the pulp of plantain? Read the article to learn more facts about nutritional value of the fruit and plantain herb health benefits.

Plantain health benefits

Most of people know the fact that plantain healthy. First of all, it is one of the most beneficial fruits. But not everyone knows about its advantages in details. They nourish organism well, supply it with useful minerals, and provide with energy. Plantains have no allergens, and they can be given even to little children. These fruits grow in tropical countries. They are brought together still green, and they ripen during transportation. After being ripen, plantains can be stored about five days. Dark color of peel not always says that plantain began to decay. Sometimes this fruit remains fresh even after that.

Plantain health benefits

In some countries, plantains are the main source of food. Ecuador, Burundi, the Philippines and Comoro Islands are some of them. Annual consumption of plantains in Ecuador is 73.9 kg per one person in a year. People with stomach ulcer alleviate their pain, eating plantains. Researches, which were conducted by scientists, have proved advantage of these fruits. It has become clear that they can regenerate cells of mucous membrane of a stomach. The pulp of plantain at the same time envelops stomach walls, prevents developing of new diseases and cures already existing ulcers. Also a lot of admires of this fruit know that plantain chips healthy and very tasty dessert.

plantain chips healthy

Plantain nutritional information

Plantain nutritional value is quite large. Hundred grams of plantains contain 90 kilocalories. Fibers of these fruits promote purgation that improves digestion of sugar and fats. In these fruits, there is the whole complex of vitamins. Most of all there are vitamins E and C, and slightly less, but not less than 25% of daily norm, there is vitamin B6. Plantains supply an organism with potassium, which is necessary for all vitals – brain, heart and liver. Also bones, teeth and muscles can't be without it.

Every day the human body needs not less than one gram of potassium and it is considered to have it from three to four grams as an optimum dose for the adult. Potassium is also necessary for children in the amount of fifteen to thirty milligrams a day on kilogram of weight. If there isn't potassium in an organism in enough amounts, it can lead to dystrophy. However, you should not worry about it, as the organism always fills potassium inventories from food. It contains in plantain most of all. 375 mg of potassium consists in hundred grams of pulp of fruit. Except potassium, there is sodium, calcium and phosphorus. Potassium is responsible for water-salt balance and promotes free allocation of excess liquid from an organism. Plantains are easily acquired by organism and there is a small amount of cellulose, therefore they are necessary for people who have undergone an operation or those who had complications after that. These fruits contain a lot of natural sugar, which quickly gets to blood. For this reason, many athletes eat several bananas before competitions and after them.

Plantain nutritional information

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Plantain herb health benefits

There is also other plant with the same name, which has a lot of advantages. Everyone probably heard about plantain leaf benefits. Plantain herb possesses anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Infusion of plantain leaves will help to get rid not only of banal cough, but also of more serious problems: tuberculosis, pleurisy, whooping cough and bronchial asthma.

The plantain is irreplaceable at problems with gastrointestinal tract: in stomach ulcer and intestines, gastric diseases. Freshly squeezed juice of leaves of plantain possesses wound healing and anti-microbe activity. Extract of leaves of plantain is applied as sedative and hypotensive remedy. Water infusion of a plantain perfectly facilitates cough of various etymology. Other recipes for cough will help to get rid of it also. Extract of plant is used as wound healing and styptic remedy for treatment of difficult healing wounds.

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