Why should we drink oolong more often?

What is an oolong tea? Oolong Tea may be called as the depository of vitamins and truly unique tea. Due to its versatility in taste and aroma, the Chinese called it oolong (in translation "the Black Dragon").

oolong tea

Due to the partial fermentation, oolong tea can’t be attributed to the green, red or black tea. So, what are the benefits of the elite Chinese Oolong tea?

The Chinese people appreciate it for the past several centuries. They not only quench the thirst for this divine drink but also purify their body. In Europe, it is usually attributed to the turquoise tea. It has a creamy honey aroma and bright finish, so it is often called as a milk oolong. Experts recognize this sort as elite one, but the Chinese themselves confer it with miraculous properties.

oolong tea

Useful effect on the body

If you look at the chemical composition of oolong tea and get yourself familiar with its scope of usage in Chinese culture, we can understand how it is multifaceted. Oolong Tea is able to have an impact not only on the organs and body as a whole but also on emotional state.

oolong tea

The impact on the psyche and nervous processes

This deep flavor allows us to calm down and relax. However, tea increases the vitality. This explains why «creative minds» like this tea very much. It activates the brain processes and it is easy to cope with stress and depression. Due to caffeine, it perfectly invigorates and increases the pressure.

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Effects on the circulatory system

After drinking the improvement in the overall condition of the body was observed. Oolong tea strengthens the walls of blood vessels and, therefore, can act as a prevention of atherosclerosis. Normalizing processes of circulation and blood spleen, tea improves performance and lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease.

oolong tea

Effects on the immune system

Tea includes:

•           Vitamin B complex, C, D, E 

•           Necessary minerals (Ca, Fe, Mn, Se, P).

•           Able to enhance the immune system, which is very important in the spring, when almost everyone is suffering from beriberi.

oolong tea

Impact on the metabolic processes

In the composition of tea there is a huge amount of antioxidants. It explains the ancient beliefs of Chinese that a good oolong tea is connected with the acquisition of eternal youth. Indeed, splitting the free radicals in cells, tea promotes better oxygen exchange and prolongs the life of cells. This means that the skin for longer stays radiant and toned and less prone to the negative impact from the outside.

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