Why sleep is important?

Sleep is important! Following simple tips, you can not only normalize your sleep, but also to make it healthy. Good health to you provided! Get the full information in our article below. This article will through some light on this important issue. There is a great video inside!

Healthy sleep is an integral and significant part of life

The modern world is rapidly moving forward. New challenges in our lives appear faster and faster. How well we cope with various difficulties, it depends not only on our experience, but also it depends on our well-being and a healthy lifestyle. There are many components of our health, and one of the most important of them is the rest.

Healthy sleep is an integral and significant part of life, it is an invaluable source of not only excellent health and good mood, but also it contributes to the preservation of youth and beauty. After a few days of constant lack of sleep, one can understand why sleep is so important for people.

So it decided to Mother Nature, that the individual in addition to the actual existence must sleep. Sleep is considered to be the best way to relax, and it is a distraction from life's problems. But for a good rest, it is paramount to observe the equivalent phase of wakefulness and sleep.

Why sleep is important for the brain?

Why sleep is important for the brain?

It is known that the work of our mind and memory depends on this fact - how well we get enough sleep? According to recent research scientists, if we bad sleep, our ability to memorize significantly is reduced. A significant shift in the negative direction begins after two weeks of sleep deprivation. Our brain does not receive the required hours of rest, and it starts to perceive common tasks as new, so brain spends on these tasks much more effort. Sleep is a vital state of brain activity, and a man needs a healthy, deep sleep.

Disturbed sleep, in contrast to the healthy, doesn't have advantages: the brain can't relax, and a person has a feeling of fatigue during the morning awakening. Frequent lack of long healthy sleep over time can affect the deterioration of the immune system, drop in libido, the emergence of excess weight, persistent depression, and even the development of cancer.

In recent research, it was found that during sleep brain remembers and studies things that it "see" during wakefulness. Why is this happening during a night of rest? It is still unclear. It was found evidence that sleep is really necessary at all stages of human knowledge of the world. People, who regularly get enough sleep, show much better results in all areas: creative, sports, professional, etc. In addition, they look better, can quickly and soberly assess the unfamiliar situation, more attentive, able to memorize large amounts of information.

Sleep is the most important part of recovery our organism!

Humanity complains of insomnia, resorting in desperation to sleeping pills. But it is worth remembering! The first time you can go to sleep, but the sleep becomes more hectic in the future and then sleeping pills cease to operate. Experts have shown that more than a third of the population suffers from insomnia or other sleep disorders that prevent night's rest and recovery performance. Possibility productive daily life is sharply reduced in the absence of a healthy sleep. A healthy, restful sleep is a major factor that has a positive effect on health, especially in stressful times. Sleep is the most important part of recovery our organism!

Many people across the globe were sleeping without any problems! They go to bed when they want, and they wake up rested and refreshed. They fall asleep anywhere and anytime, and they can afford a cup of coffee in the evening. But, alas, people suffering from sleep disorders are too much. If the body is suffering from insomnia even from time to time, it is possible that it will grow into a routine a nightly problem.

You can and should leave sleepless nights in the past. You should assign to yourself healthy habits associated with sleep, and you can get rid of insomnia and achieve healthy sleep without any intermediate awakenings. It was found that the human body suffers the lack of sleep is much more painful than hunger. Average people cannot survive without sleep for more than two days. They fall asleep involuntarily, and during the day's work they may experience short-term and imperceptible dreams and slumber.

Why sleep is important for health?

Why sleep is important for health?

Complete healthy sleep can help get rid of many ailments, prevent the development of various diseases (cardiovascular, obesity, neurosis, depression, stress). If a person cannot sleep properly, then this person puts his health at risk.

A typical adult needs to sleep from 7 to 8 hours. But of course, all people sleep in different ways, and someone needs more time or less to rest. You should independently determine how many hours of sleep you personally need, to relax and to feel good in the morning. But remember that attempts to sleep longer than required by the body, - leading to poor health all day.

The relationship between sleep and health is a very deep and it still has not been adequately studied. Lack of sleep can lead to severe depression, irritability, decreased concentration, daytime sleepiness, fatigue, loss of energy, headaches, abdominal pain, memory loss and other ailments.

Sleep is important for weight loss

Sleep is important for weight loss

Also, the importance of sleep for health has an important part when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight. Good sleep is a burden management lever, protection of the health risks associated with obesity. If a person does not sleep 7-8 hours each night; as a result, this person has the slow metabolic processes in the body. Lack of sleep can dramatically impair the appetite, increase the level of hormone related to hunger, leading to weight gain.

Sleep is important for mental health

Sleep is important for mental health

The importance of sleep for a health of the nervous system is also difficult to overstate. Prolonged sleep during the day improves memory and promotes the concentration of attention. Lack of sleep adversely affects emotional health, causes stress, irritability, and a deep depression. The negative impact of the lack of sleep is most easily seen in a child who becomes very restless. But in this way, it affects adults, but they have become accustomed to contain and control your emotions.

Sleep is very important for human body

Sleep is very important for human body

The human body needs sleep to function well. The body is under stress without a good night's sleep, which leads to certain health risks. As is known, lack of sleep, especially prolonged, can cause inflammation of internal organs and increased stress, so there is a risk of cardiovascular disease, including hypertension and heart disease.

Poor sleep leads to disruption of the immune system, enhances the risk of colds, flu and other viral or bacterial infections. Also, scientists released the confirmation of oncological diseases due to lack of quality sleep. Some recent studies have shown that persistent nightmares, lack of full 8 hours of sleep, night work, a sharp restless waking up at night, sleep at included light - increases the risk of developing particular types of cancer, including breast cancer and colorectal cancer.

Sleep quality affects the health of your teeth. Japanese researchers found that people (who do not have a sufficient number of daily rest for several months, or even worse, - years), have rapidly progressing periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease. Those who had a good sleep, they have very rarely these diseases.

How to get rid of insomnia?

How to get rid of insomnia?

In today's world insomnia become a real epidemic. Many people are "office life," suffering from inactivity, saturation of information, stress, and fatigue. Humanity knows many forms of insomnia. Some people wake up several times a night, while others - for no apparent reason cannot get to sleep until dawn, sleeping fitfully and wake up long before the alarm clock.

Experts develop entire programs that help get rid of insomnia, but they are used in particularly severe cases when it is necessary to address to the doctor. We offer simple and efficient tools and tips to help you quickly relax and forget about daily worries and sleep:

Sleep at least 8 hours! It is the number considered optimal for maintaining youth, beauty, and health, both physical and mental. And do not count on the weekend, when "you can sleep." At first, in two days it is impossible to compensate for the lack of sleep per a week. And secondly, you cannot sleep properly on a special night of Sunday to Monday, because body bewildered and you cannot relax.

Lack of sleep can lead to severe depression, irritability, decreased concentration, daytime sleepiness etc.

Waking up at the right time. Scientists have found that if a person wakes up during of slow sleep, it will be harder to adapt to the active daily life, and a day will be listless and tired. But awakening during REM sleep, which is similar to wakefulness, pass quickly, even if you sleep less than usual. Not so difficult calculate at what time you need to set an alarm clock.  According to scientists, a complete sleep cycle lasts for a half hours: it starts with a slow phase and ends REM phase. It remains only to calculate your schedule. Let's say you go to bed around midnight, so the first REM sleep comes to an end at 1:30 am, the next - at 3 am, and then - at 4:30 am, and so on until the morning. From this, it follows that the alarm clock should be set at 7:30 or 9:00 a.m.

Sport - only 6 hours before bedtime. Physical activity excites the nervous system and interferes with normal rest. Therefore, in order not to reduce the time of a night's rest, you need to complete all workout no later than 6 hours before bedtime. And try not to neglect the morning exercises.

Proper snacking in the evening. The right menu in the evening time of day should consist of soothing carbohydrates. Everybody dance! Because these products are cakes and cereals - these products are considered the best sleeping pills. You can eat a little. The main thing is not to overdo it and do not harm to the figure! And those who adheres to a diet can eat a bit of yogurt or cottage cheese.

The refusal of the TV for the book.

The refusal of the TV for the book. Viewing the TV before bedtime, or any movie is the worst thing that can make a person suffering from insomnia. You should never look at the night thrillers, action, horror and science fiction. Also tearful melodramas and funny, romantic comedies fall into the black list. Though these genres of films do not frighten, excite the imagination no less horror. If you want to relax, you should read, but the book should be quiet.

Fragrant herbal bath. If you take a bath before going to bed, and even add to it an herbal decoction - sleep will come quickly and will be vigorous and pleasant. You should take a bath an hour after dinner. Temperature – must be 37-38 degrees. Use for a soothing herbal bath is best 50 g infusion of marigold, lemon balm, oregano. Take a bath is not recommended for more than 20 minutes. By the way, without additives, a bath is an excellent tool for relaxation and stress relief.

Pillows with herbs. The pillow is best done individually, according to their tastes - the aroma which you like. The pillow can be filled with crushed knobs of hops, chamomile, pine needles, hazel. These plants contain essential oils which when inhaled soothe and put to sleep. A small bag of herbs, you can put near the head or under the pillow.

Tea of dill. Dill has many useful properties, and among them is the struggle with insomnia. Recipe of tea: pour one tablespoon of chopped herbs pour a glass of boiling water and leave for about two hours. If you do not have fresh dill, you can use two teaspoons of crushed seeds. You need to drink half a cup 3 times a day before meals and 1 cup at night.Dill contains essential oils that relieve tension and promote good sleep. Also, infusion of dill herb improves the appetite and aids in the initial stage of hypertension.

Proper arrangement of beds.

Tincture of wormwood. Wormwood is the best way to combat insomnia. Recipe tincture is simple: the 1-2 tablespoon of roots or herbs mugwort insists in 2 cups of boiling water for 2 hours. Drink before bedtime. Also, tincture may be prepared in any other way: Seeds are ground in a coffee grinder, pour vegetable oil in a ratio of 1:4, insist one week in a dark place, shaking daily. After that oil should drain. Take recommended 1-2 drops on a piece of sugar 2-4 times a day to soothe and relieve tension, to soporific effect of the dose should be increased by 3-5 times.

Infusion of valerian. Recipe: Put two tablespoons chopped dried roots and rhizomes of valerian in an enamel pan, pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, leave the lid on a boiling water bath for 15 minutes. Insist on cooling, strain and squeeze the remains in the infusion, add boiled water to the original volume. Take one tablespoon for a day, and at night - half a cup. If you do not have a time or opportunity to prepare a tincture, you can just brew valerian root as a tea, and drink half a cup before going to bed. Taking this infusion you should be careful because an overdose of valerian gives the opposite effect.

Proper arrangement of beds. Firstly, you mustn't read in bed, because this place should be associated only with sleep. Secondly, bed linen has a significant role. Luxury silk bedding advantageous to look only in the movies, but it is inconvenient, in fact, it is cold and slippery.  It is better if you choose bed linen made of cotton, linen, poplin for a good sleep at night. Thirdly, it is important that the bed is breathable, so it is better to prefer woolen underwear, or with bamboo filler.

Do not worry! The most important thing for a successful fight against insomnia is to stop taking the problem to heart.

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Do not worry!

So, you must remember some rules:

  • Go to bed before 12 o'clock at night, between about 10 and 12 hours.
  • Do not eat before going to bed.
  • Avoid stimulating drinks in the evening (for example, coffee)
  • Breathe in the fresh air before going to bed.
  • Avoid mental and physical work just before bedtime - it leads to over excitation and to difficulty falling asleep.
  • Say "No" if you want to read or watch something in bed. The bedroom is a sleeping abode, and it must adjust to the appropriate way.
  • A warm shower or bath with soothing herbs helps to fall asleep quickly and promotes to sound sleep.
  • Sex before bedtime sometimes contributes to relieve stress, usually after sex - falling asleep quickly and sleep soundly.
  • Enormous importance has the right choice of bed.
  • Listen to the views of orthopedic surgeons. The bed should be rigid enough.
  • Do not use big pillows. The neck should be on a level with the body.
  • Sleep on your side - it's good for the spine, as well as reduces the likelihood of snoring.
  • The bedroom should be quiet and ventilated.
  • Excellent music, recording the noise of the surf and the birds singing promotes pleasant bedtime.
  • Learn the basics of auto-training - it helps to relaxation, and you will have a healthy sleep.
  • Fall asleep in comfortable clothes or naked - as you like!

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