Why viruses are more dangerous in the morning?

Why do viruses become more efficient in infecting our bodies in the morning? Learn what scientists have discovered.


Viruses are dangerous, and some of them are even lethal. But does it matter when you get infected? Learn why scientists say that viruses are more hazardous in the morning.

Viruses: does it matter when you get infected?

Several researches were carried and out scientists have been shocked by their discovery: viruses are ten times more contagious and efficient in affecting your body if you catch them in the morning!

The studies were done on animals. If they got infected in the early morning or after a jet leg, they would suffer more from the diseases and the viruses would spread much faster around the body and organs.

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viruse dangerous in the morning

Our bodies have the “clock” and the cells function differently in different times of the day or night. In the mornings the cells are the most vulnerable to viruses, which invade them and start multiplying inside.

Unless a virus has the most favorable conditions, it cannot invade the body or quickly dies in it. So, this offers us a new way to fight pandemic outbursts of infections. It also helps individuals to protect themselves better from the epidemics of flu and other viruses.

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