Why workout in the morning?

What are the arguments for training in the morning? Why is the workout in the morning better than in the evening? Read the article to find the answers.

Workout in the morning

The question of the best time for physical exercises causes a controversy between people who have got used to waking up early and those who prefer to go to bed late quite often. Each group has arguments based on information from various sources and the personal experience. One says that morning exercises help to cope with the feeling of hunger more and promote weight loss. Others claim that evening daily rhythms are optimum for sport. So how to do it correctly?

Workout in the morning – 5 arguments ‘in favor of’

  • Loss of appetite. Several dozens of both the normal women and women having obesity have been surveyed. At all of them in the day beginning with a morning, training decrease in hunger for food was observed.
  • You are free all the day. At the majority of people, considerable social activity is observed in the evening. Visits in the cafe, a meeting with friends, cinema, communication with relatives and many other pleasant moments wait for us in the evenings. You probably won't tell your darling: 'No, I won't come today, I have to run!'
  • In the morning, you will really do it. If you have planned the training for the morning, then there are much more chances that you will actually do it. During the day and evening, there can be one million different reasons, excuses, and problems preventing you from making planned in the day’s end.
  • Increases your energy. When you train, physical efforts help to bring oxygen and nutrients to muscles, bodies and other tissues. And it means that all your cardiovascular system will work more effectively and will increase your energy and tone.
  • Excellent start for your brain. When the person wakes up, chews sandwich and rushes to work, his or her brain can be in a condition of braking still the long time. If you begin the day with physical exercises, your brain receives a powerful boost to awakening, comparable with a cup of good coffee.

Workout in the morning or evening

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Workout in the morning or evening

  • Schedule of work. It is possible to tell about useful morning exercises as much as possible, but if it is necessary to be on work already at 8 a.m., then most likely, she/he will do sports in the evening. And in this case, he/she will be absolutely right. It is better to be engaged regularly in convenient time than to wait for the correct hours. Otherwise, you just risk leaving the organism without precious physical activities.
  • Your own comfort. It is easier for someone to wake up for a couple of hours a bit earlier, and to go to bed later for someone. Everything depends on work of adrenal glands, which develop many hormones in the blood. It needs to be considered during the choice of time for training. This, listen to your body – what is good for it, good for you in general.
  • Recommendations of experts. Researchers show that evening and morning training have pros and cons. Therefore, at the choice, it is possible to give preference to what will be more suitable for you by all criteria.

So, evening training has also the following pros:

  • Muscles are warmed and come to a tone. Also, lungs have the maximum volume approximately by 5 in the evening. Therefore, the evening training will be much easier than in the morning, but only in case if you don't overload yourself at work and don't keep a very rigid diet.
  • Metabolism acceleration. The closer sleeping time is, the more slowly the metabolism is. That's why some diets allow eating sweets, but with one rule – do it in the first half of the day, when the organism is capable of digesting food quickly and transforming a cake or the eaten candy into energy, but not into fat on the waist and the rest of body.
  • Loss of appetite. Evening sport can really reduce appetite, but it will depend on training. In general, it is ideal to take dancing, yoga or Pilates lessons in the evening, when your pulse doesn't exceed a mark of 100 beats per minute. More intensive training will lead to hunger and overeating.

Workout in the morning – 5 arguments ‘in favor of’

Diet before

In three hours prior to exercises, it is necessary to eat what will help you:

  • to stock up with energy,
  • to increase activity,
  • to be protected from dehydration,
  • to getting muscles grow bigger,
  • to be restored quickly.

The proteins are eaten prior to a training help to support or increase the volume of muscles, to avoid too strong injuries of muscles and to fill a bloodstream with amino acids when the organism needs them most of all. Carbohydrates give energy for long training, accelerate restoration after the intensive occupations, and stimulate the production of insulin. They keep a glycogen in muscles and a liver thanks to what the brain receives signals of satiety, and the organism spends forces for the growth of muscles. Influence of fats on the quality of the forthcoming training isn't confirmed. But they slow down digestion process that helps to support the constant level of glucose in blood and in a stable state, participate in the digestion of vitamins and minerals which play an important role in any diet.

These are rules how to eat before training:

Have dinner (or have breakfast) a couple of hours prior to a training. Or take a portion of less amount of food almost before the training (if you want to gain weight, then eat twice as much as usual). Eat a complex lunch or breakfast in 2–3 hours prior to a training and drink something non-caloric (better simple water).

Finally, look at this list of 5 inspirational quotes, which will motivate you for training:

  • 'Yesterday you said that you would do it tomorrow. Do it today!',
  • 'The main wealth is health'. R. Emerson,
  • 'We cease to train not because we become more senior. We grow old because we cease to train!' K. Cooper,
  • 'Fitness is not only one of the keys to a healthy body but also a basis of dynamism and creative thought'. J. Kennedy,
  • ‘Every evening we practice yoga with the husband after we put the child to bed. People who train together stay during all the life.’ B. Frankel.

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