World malaria day 2016: death toll and treatment prospects of the deadly disease

What dangers are brought by malaria? How does it extend? Read the information below to avoid a serious disease.

According to the latest data, more than 500 million people suffer from malaria worldwide. What is this disease dangerous with and what are treatment prospects?

World malaria day

Is malaria a virus?

Malaria is a serious infectious disease, which is generally transmitted to the person by Anopheles mosquitoes.

Is malaria a virus

Is malaria contagious?

The person who has got sick with malaria isn't infectious for people around because the dangerous microbe isn't transferred with airborne way or at sexual contact.

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Malaria in Nigeria

Symptoms of malaria

Temperature increase, a fever, vomiting, decrease of hemoglobin in blood, hemoglobin in urine and spasms are characteristic symptoms of malaria.

In certain cases, patients note a pricking of integuments. This symptom especially often meets at the malaria caused by Falciparum. At survey, the doctor notes increase of a spleen.

Is malaria contagious

The patient is disturbed by strong headache. Blood supply of brain is damaged. Malaria can come to end with lethal outcome. Children and pregnant women most strongly suffer from it.

Is malaria curable?

The first step in treatment of malaria is detection of the disease. Blood test is necessary for diagnostics. Treatment is carried out under supervision of the doctor. It is very important to prevent possible complications and to cure them at initial stages. In hard cases blood transfusion can be required.

Symptoms of malaria

Modern medicine suggests treatment of malaria with combination of several antimalarial meds. They are capable not only to facilitate a condition of the patient, but also to completely relieve him or her of the disease.

Malaria treatment is selected according to type of bacterium and the district where the person has caught it. It is explained by immunity of certain cells to many medicines. Usually antimalarial means are taken inside. People make them in the form of tablets and capsules. Intravenous injections are applied seldom, only in the hardest cases.

Malaria treatment

Malaria in Nigeria

The infection is widespread in this country. However, for the last 15 years the quantity of diseases has decreased in 60 percent. Mortality among people of all age has dropped more than 66 percent. Most of all it concerns children.

The government tries to neutralize malaria and to reach better results. It has spent N480 billion on malaria treatment for the last year.

Annually in Nigeria and other countries of the world Malaria day is carried out. People take part in various actions directed to fight against this dangerous disease. Mobilization of population of the planet against malaria is their purpose.

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