Yadda zaka kare kanka daga kanjamau?

How does one get infected with HIV/ADIS? How do you catch it? Yadda zaka kare kanka daga kanjamau?

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Now a common problem HIV. Many schools tell us about the disease teenagers. This disease is one of the most common among young people. Many cases of infection are drug addicts. Through the use of syringes and needles several times. Although young and is aware of such contraceptives as condoms, but not always used. And this leads to the disease. Less there are cases of infection through blood. We had a case where a woman brought a gynecologist disease. The woman had lost all his teeth. And while she was pregnant 30 weeks. Gave birth to a healthy babe.


HIV or AIDs is a very serious problem for NIgeria. The stats provide quite terrifying information of this deadly disease. Learn How to prevent HIV/AIDs and read here https://ask.naij.com/health/how-to-prevent-hiv-aids-i23789.html

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