Which Nollywood films have similar plot?

I think you know the situation where you find at first glance, a good new TV-series or movie, but after the first episode, you know that you have already somewhere seen it. Read the article, if you want to know which Nollywood films have similar plot =)

Nollywood films

Nollywood is known for shooting films which are similar. There are an enormous number of duplicate stories in Nollywood. Different directors, producers, actors, and even writers do not rescue the situation. I think you know what I mean.

The plot is the basis of the work of fiction or movies, its "skeleton." In other words, it is a scheme and a number of the main events taking place in an artistic work. Let us try to recall similar to each other Nollywood movies. Topics may have different names but have some similar the plot.

The most common themes of the best Nollywood films are fascinating, and it can be such options. Someone has amnesia and cannot remember the love of his / her life, and a man falls in love with the wrong twin or woman falls in love with the wrong twin, not less exciting plot is one of the twins dies after an accident, and the second is to stay and live on. This is very interesting if you watch it once. Well, or a maximum - two times. But no more!!!

Therefore, I propose to consider the films that have obvious similarities. Here goes!

1.    "Being Mrs. Elliott"

Through jokes of fate, the two women face in the vast world. But the unusual life circumstances play of human destinies. Their lives changed drastically after the meeting with the two men, whose lifestyle significantly differs. Among the endless pain, deception, jealousy, lust and intrigue, their lives are changing. It now becomes apparent that they are trying to find love in the most unusual places in the life.

Lara (Omoni Oboli) is married to Bill (Majid Michel), and Fisayo (Uru Ik) are involved in a terrible car accident. In consequence of the crash, Fisayo needs of plastic surgery of the face. But the most interesting thing is that after the operation, her face looks like the face of Lara. After the accident, their lives are getting better, and love finds them in the most unexpected places.

2.    "Brother's Keeper"

The movie "Brother's Keeper" depicts the story of a spiritual bond between brothers-twins. After the death of one of the twin brothers, the other brother cannot survive the loss of a close person. His life is changing, he is changing...But his wife suspects that the ratio of "husband" to her is completely changed.

Mena (Oboni Oboli) loses her husband, Chude (Majid Michel) and her son, David, on the same day, but her husband’s twin Chidi (Majid Michel) pretends to be the late Chude. But husband’s twin - Chidi (Majid Michel) wants to take the place of the eldest Chude and thereby have a good life.

The film "Brother's Keeper" also talks about the dishonesty, envy, and of infinite hope. Worth watching fans of soap operas!

3.    "Forgetting June"

"Forgetting June" is the movie about losing and love. "Forgetting June," is Nigerian movie which you worth watching in full and to the end of the movie. The plot of the film is a simple but so fascinating. June [Mbong Amata] killed in a car accident. Her husband, Eddie [Majid Michel], cope with the loss of a loved one too hard. But June's friend - Tobi [Beverly Naya] comes to the aid to husband her beloved deceased girlfriend. First, it is just supported, but soon, the widower and Tobi realize that it is something more between them.

But what happens then! Eddie and Tobi get married, but a year later, June returns to her lives. She was saved by George (Blossom Chukwujekwu).

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4.    "Darima's Dilemma"

The full film - "Darima's Dilemma" - shows the story of a young lady Darima. Despite the fact that she was happily married to her husband, she keeps a secret that destroys their family life. Dise (Mbong Amata) is a sister Darima and opponent of sister and she is ready to take revenge it at any time. As a result, Darima [Mbong Amata] goes off with her former boyfriend. But suddenly there is an accident and dies Darima, and Dise thinks that she stuck in Darima's marital home and fall in love with her husband (Majid Michel).

Watching these movies, you can feel the effect of "deja vu." It's okay, because the films are so similar! Mbong Amata stars in "Forgetting June" and "Darima's Dilemma". Beverly Naya stars in "Forgetting June" and "Brother's Keeper."Omoni Oboli stars in "Being Mrs. Elliott" and "Brother's Keeper." "Brother's Keeper" and "Forgetting June" are directed by Ikechukwu Onyeka. 

In these films, except "Forget June" changes the behavior of one spouse, the other spouse does not notice the physical changes (because it is the twins), and the whole movie we are assuming, "not your spouse."

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