How to make DIY lip balm?

Did you know that DIY lip balm homemade can be applied to areas of exceptionally dry, chapped or flaky skin on the face or hands? It can even soften rough, dry elbows skin. You should better do it immediately after cleaning the skin with scrub.

DIY lip balm is a perfect alternative to natural lipsticks which we buy in the shop. To prepare it you will only need natural ingredients so that its benefits can be not the least bit doubt. And the feeling after use is very nice.

DIY lip balm is cheap. It moisturizes and nourishes, and creates a surface film which protects your lips.

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How to make a DIY lip balm at home

We need some beeswax, 20 grams.

Any base oil, 30 grams (maybe coconut oil ). You can use any liquid oil — this proportion will not change.

Honey, 10 grams (it is possible without it, but it nourishes the lips).

Essential oil for scent, 2-3 drops. Mint oil goes best.


Take any small jar from under cream, for example.

DIY lip balm base is wax. In DIY lip balm beeswax should not take more than 40%, otherwise use the balm would be impossible — it will be too hard.  When the DIY balm is quite soft — so it is convenient to apply with your finger. To do this, the wax in the composition should be approximately 30-35 %.


DIY lip balm recipe cooking

Mix well, remove from the water bath, add the honey. Wax oil mix quickly, and the honey is hard. It is best to whisk.

By the way, if the first time it did not work (turned out to be too soft or too hard), to solve this problem is very simple — you only need it to melt, adding more wax (to make it harder) or oils (to make it softer).

DIY lip balm is very nourishing. Use it a couple of times a day. It has a pleasantly sweet flavor thanks to the honey. Ingredients are easy to find. Even if you are a lazy person, this is a recipe for you.
Undoubtedly, there are magnificent lip balms which you can buy everywhere.


The benefits of DIY care cosmetics is that you use only the highest quality natural ingredients and can give your DIY lip balm a favorite flavor and even taste. The resulting product is of the highest quality and is quite inexpensive (in contrast to the purchase of cosmetics of the same level). Your lips are soft moisturized and well-groomed! And, of course, we cannot forget about the joy of the experiment, the exciting anticipation of the result (what happens this time?). Besides, if the final result is not impressive, the lip balm can always be redone, adding something or changing the consistency.

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