How to make DIY locker?

DIY back to school locker makeover! Cheap ways to decorate & organize your locker!

Scrolling through Pinterest to find these locker tips and tricks made me realize something: lockers were really lame when I was in high school. They were boring, only used to hold books and assorted trash we accumulated throughout the day. I’m kind of amazed by all of the awesome things you can do to make your school locker look unique and fun, while also making storage that much easier. Here are 16 DIY locker decoration and storage tips every high school student needs to see now.

1. Make sure you have the essentials you need for any kind of “emergency.” 

2. Print this out or take a picture of it on your phone as a reminder of how to open your lock. 

I used to randomly forget how to do this all the time, and then I’d feel too silly to ask anyone around me.

3. Before you start decorating, clean up your space to make sure it’s as neat as possible. 

4. Go all out with a rug, wallpaper, lighting and more! 

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5. Make a pouch to hang on the hooks in your locker. This can hold all the little things that would otherwise get lost at the bottom of your locker, or even trash! 

6. This hanging organizer can go on the inside of your door and is another great way to hold and organize little items. 

7. Make clothespins look fancier, then put them inside your locker to hold important papers. 

8. Get a dry erase board and marker for the inside of your door. You can write important things you need to remember there. 

9. Use Washi tape to create cute locker accessories – the tissue box is genius! 

10. Make the space look super pretty by making these little hanging pom-poms. It’s nice to look into a fun locker instead of boring one.  

11. Use fun Duck Tape for hanging picture frames and more. 

12. Keep everything organized by remembering these tips.   

13. Keep your class schedule on the inside of your door for those days you completely blank on where you’re supposed to be.  

14. Make beautiful magnets to hold up papers or pictures. 

15. A hanging pencil holder will be SUPER helpful. Stock it with pens, pencils, markers and scissors. 

16. Trust me, you’ll appreciate having a mirror hanging in your locker. Make this magnetic set for everything you need: 

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