How to make flowers out of paper?

Flowers out of paper were created many years ago. Egyptian women made various decorations of artificial flowers, of course, with the help of paper. In medieval times people decorated temples with such crafts. In the eighteenth century, big companies were opened to create these flowers officially. Therefore, people knew how to make flowers out of paper many years ago. How to make flowers by yourself? Read here!

flower out of paper

Where can you use flowers out of paper?

You can create the original composition with the help of paper flowers. It`s comfortable because in the far distance they are virtually indistinguishable from the living. Moreover, flowers out of colored paper are ideal for decorations of framed photos, postcards, boxes for gifts and hats. Often they are used for festive decoration of halls for different celebrations, rooms, and parties. What is more, these crafts will give each person a good mood and happiness.


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What do you need for this?

Even children can create flowers out of paper under your strict guidance. Also, you can create a real masterpiece, if you have all materials and personal desire.  What do you need to make such craft? 


You'll need to prepare following materials and tools:

  • Paper. You can use white, colored paper or corrugated paper. You won`t paint paper if you use colored paper. It`s easiest and will help you to save time;
  • Stapler and glue;
  • Thread, tape, and scissors;
  • Watercolor paint or gouache;
  • Cardboard, wrapping paper, and colorful ribbons;
  • Wire, straws for cocktails, vials from pens. With the help of following materials, you will make a stalk for the flower;
  • Beads and rhinestones. They need to design anther of a flower.

We`ll create different flowers for different situations. First of all, we need paper and glue, and then we`ll see what we need from the list above.

Different ways to make flowers out of paper

There are many different ways of making paper flowers. Each of them has its general purpose. Let`s discover the most popular methods.

roses out of paper


Prepare a thick red paper, marker and glue with scissors to make roses out of paper.

  • Draw with a pencil spiral on the paper and cut out it with scissors;
  • Try to wrap the ends of the spiral outwards;
  • Paper can be a little straining, but it`s even better because the flower will be more real;
  • Twist a spiral to make a rose. Gently turn the spiral to the end of the spiral;
  • After making a rose, fix it with glue;
  • Now you need to make a circle, which is formed in the center of your roses when you cut the spiral. This circle will be the anther of the flower;
  • Drip some drops of glue in the middle of a flower. It`s all; your flower is ready.


buquet of flowers

  • Prepare soft, colorful paper, wire cutters, scissors, bowl, thin wire and glue.
  • Apply glue on the wire for make a stem
  • Wrap one end of the wire with a thin strip of yellow paper;
  • Take the paper for your future bouquet. It can be any color.
  • Fold paper 12 times and cut out the petals for your flowers. Then you need to build a rosebud;
  • Apply glue on two leaves and attach them to the stem in place, wrapped the yellow paper strip. Put all the petals in bud;
  • Take the green paper and wrap it the stem of a flower. To make the whole bouquet, you need to do five buds.


Such flowers can be a perfect decoration of curtains in your apartment. Also, you can use it to any outfit as a brooch. 
Prepare a thin paper, scissors, glue, and a ring for fastening crafts. You can use a button or something else.

volumetric flower

  • Fold all paper layers together. 
  • Сut out the rectangle, with dimensions are about 30 by 15 centimeters;
  • Cut layers put all together in a smooth stack;
  • Fix the folded paper in the center with a ring;
  • You make a figure as a fan. You need to glue it all around;
  • Gently lift the top paper layer up and start to seal the top layer of the flower to the center. 

It`s all; your paper bouquet is ready.


  • 4-5 rectangular sheets of paper;
  • scissors;
  • a small piece of thin tape;

dahlia flower

How to do it?

  • Put the sheets of paper on each other so that their edges coincide.
  • Start to fold the layers of paper exactly 1 cm, moving in a more elongated side.
  • You have to fold paper as you see on a picture.
  • Tie the folded paper with thread in the middle, forming a kind of "bow."
  • Using scissors cut the edges of the "bow": cut two sides of corners. It`ll be sharp like an arrow edge.
  • Pry under thread a piece of thin tape – it will serve as the base of the flower.
  • Gently flatten all layers of "bow," positioning so that in the end turned out to be voluminous Dahlia.

Such flower out of paper can decorate a gift. As a variant – create a flower arrangement, decorating tree branches a few flowers.


As you can see, how to make paper flowers – question, answers of which there is a whole sea. There are many techniques, methods and material options of creating these beautiful paper "masterpieces." A little imagination and go to the fairytale!

P.S.: If you do it, send a photo in comments! 


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