How to make top 15 DIY bracelets?

What’s your favorite DIY bracelet on this list? Will you add any to your to-make list? It is possible to invent your own DIY bracelets ideas on the basis of existed ones.

DIY bracelets
Creating  a bare wrist is super easy. Throw on a chunky cuff or slip on stacks of bangles, and you’ve effortlessly made a style statement. DIY bracelets ideas are under discussion today. Making your bracelets can be just as simple, and we’re smitten with the creative ways these DIYers have sewn, twisted, baked and glued together scraps of materials to turn them into gorgeous works of arms art. Check out these 15 beautiful DIY bracelets you can make yourself!

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Thread Tassel Bracelet

We love the variety of these mixed materials – girly pearls, durable metal chain, and frilly thread. There’s a bracelet for every style here. A testament to what a versatile piece you can make with leftover materials!


Nautical Rope Bracelet

You should know by now that you don’t have to be a boy scout to tie a great nautical knot. Newbies could use the different colored rope to keep the knot pattern in line, but we love the preppy feel of this navy and white weave.


Beaded Leather Bracelet

DIY bracelets with leather cord are easy to do. Loop a piece of leather and thread the beads of your choice on each side. The small blue and gold beads make the materials seem super delicate even though the band is made with a thick leather.


Tulle Studded Bracelets

We used multi-colored tulle as the base for this friendship bracelet instead of the typical embroidery floss. It gives such a fun and flirty feel to this set!


Sweater Bangles

Give your favorite stained sweater new life with this bangle hack. Snip a strip of fabric from a chunky cardigan or patterned sweater and sew the ends together around a cuff form. This is a kind of DIY bracelet at home.


Sequined Chain Bracelet

Add some shimmer to your bracelet collection with this DIY. Thread vibrant colored sequins through the chain in long or short segments until you’ve come full circle. Wrap around your wrist to fit or let it hang loose and wear it as a necklace! 


Heart Friendship Bracelet

When was the last time you showed your best friend some love? Master this heart pattern and trinket. DIY bracelet design is wonderful.

This lux two-toned bracelet will add some serious glamor to any outfit. Weave the rhinestones in between the gold and silver chains to make yourself a perfect champagne sipping accessory.


Hook and Eye String Bracelets

Sometimes less is more, and these hook and eye bracelets hit that point home. It just takes a few loops of string to attach to the oval wire eyes. They’re a great compliment to a statement watch.


Name and Bow Wire Bracelet

Can you believe the trick to making this personalized name bracelet is starting with a pen and notebook? Draw a path without retracing any one point and then follow those lines with your materials. The result: a gorgeous charm bracelet! DIY bracelet for best friend is ready.


Studded Bangles

Give new life to the bangles that hide in the back of your jewelry box into studded showpieces. Play around with stud placement and even stack two or three thin bangles on top of each other and secure with a group of silver studs for a sleek transformation!


Pom-Pom Bracelet

We love that these soft pom poms take the place of clanging charms in this DIY. Line the outside of your bracelet with a strand of these fabric puffs and secure with jump rings to get quirky, cute design.


Sequin Bracelet

These sequin bracelets are fun, casual, and way faster to make than you may think. Don’t you dare string the sequins on one by one! Save time by pinching a bunch off its stand and carefully place onto your bracelet cord. 


Spike Rope Bracelet

Can we call this look preppy goth? Or sailor punk? Either way, we're kind of into with this hack. Just push the back end of this spike through the fisherman’s rope weave and screw them in place.

Rope is such a versatile material to work with. Whether you braid it, knot it or twist it, the result is always beautiful. Introduce some thread to the mix for an unexpected pop of color.


Painted Tribal Bracelets

This bracelet’s 21st century take on common pattern has us wishing we had more than two arms! Repurposed address labels act as stencils to keep the negative space intact as you add the acrylic paint design. The reveal is bright, bold and totally stackable.


Rhinestone Vinyl Bead Bracelet

There’s nothing shiny and neon that we can’t get behind, and that goes for these ultra cool bracelets. String some clear elastic cord through rhinestone beads and pop vinyl beads on to bookend each side to get this elegant and modern look.


You are welcome to chose any style. Make your everyday life bright and happy.

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