How to make wedding invitations yourself?

If you are going to have a wedding soon this information will be precious for you. You will certainly need the beautiful wedding invitations! Do you want make them yourself? All the instructions of making invitations are gathered here!

beautiful invitation card

Preparation for the wedding begins with the invitations. Guests should get wedding invitations as early as possible, preferably one month before the celebration, to be able to prepare for the festive event with no rush.

Bright wedding invitations

tools for handmade

Paper invitations are a classic way to invite people to a wedding celebration. It can be as simple as a postcard in an envelope and totally unique, handmade. Everything depends on the boundaries of your imagination and the wedding theme. Usually people choose classic design, decorates with sequins, threads, flowers and ribbons. The advantage of such invitations is certainly the simplicity of execution. Designs of paper invitations are available on the Internet. You just need to select, download and fill them with the information.

Invitation cards can be purchased at bridal salons or ordered from the designer, today the choice is enormous. But if you want guests to appreciate your respect and special attitude to them, to make them remember an invitation to your wedding - you have to make sure that it looks unusual.


panda card

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Pop-up is the whole direction in art. This technique combines elements and techniques of kirigami and cut. It allows you to create three-dimensional designs and postcards, folding into a flat shape. Plus these invitations are such, which you can make them yourself. But if the number of your guests is more than ten, you can get tired, carving out the next figure. It is best to order a plenty of invitations from the specialists. Together, you will create an original design and get it realized.

The most extraordinary, unusual, unique wedding invitations are possible only if they are made with your own hands. I remember as a child we cut, pasted, and decorated holiday cards. So take the right materials and tools and let’s start working.

Vintage wedding invitation with lace and bows

vintage card

Making this original vintage, gentle, humble wedding invitation is very simple.

1. Take a dense sheet of paper and fold it in half. Sheet size is chose according to your taste.

2. Arrange leaf edge lace (just stick to one another) and a bow.

3. On the inner side of the card write the invitation message. ‘Highlight’ of the wedding invitation is when colors of cards match the color of the bride's wedding dress.

Wedding invitation with heart and notes

invitation card with notes

Such an invitation is perfect for a wedding or a dance style party. You need cardboard, a piece of cloth for wedding dress, ribbons and artificial flowers for the creating cards with notes.

1. Take a piece of cardboard and glue it in form of the envelope.

2. From cloth sew a ‘bag’, the same size as the envelope.

3. Put the envelope in the ‘bag’ and ‘secure’ the fabric with glue.

4. Find the image with notes, draw a heart on it, and cut it out.

5. Glue notes on heart on a fabric.

6. Make a bow of fine satin ribbon and attach it to the envelope with white glue or thread.

7. ‘Secure’ the composition with the artificial flowers.

8. Cut the heart from the colored paper, so that it can ‘hide’ in the envelope.

9. Write the invitation on the heart

10. Take a thin ribbon and glue it one end to the colored heart and another one to the inner surface of the envelope.

11. The Heart with the invitation text insert inside the envelope.

12. The invitation is ready.

Here is an envelopes-invitation, which is made exactly the same way as the previous one, only the background changes: hearts, flowers and ribbons. You can insert pictures and honeymooners in the heart.

wedding invitation card

Wedding invitations-scrolls


Wedding invitations, created in the form of ancient scrolls, or pirate documents, are very popular today. Such invitations also perfectly suit for the fairy-tale style parties or for weddings.

In the manufacture of such invitations the most ‘difficult’ thing is to buy the appropriate sheets of paper but to write the text, roll the sheets into a tube and tie it with a special is not difficult. It looks like a very elegant and inviting card.


Yes, the information will be very useful for those who are going to get married soon. Of course, an invitation to play a very important role , how they are decorated in a color scheme. Of course , it is easier to buy an invitation , but it can do even a little bit more expensive than those ornaments that you make yourself. To do this, just need to think about the layout , buy all the necessary material and get to work . By the way, preglasheniya can do together with your loved ones ! It will be a pleasure and a lot more fun !

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