What are the most expensive hobbies?

Various interests is a great way to have fun, make new friends or follow your passion. People are engaged in different kinds of hobbies, from simple to complex, from cheap to very expensive.


People are involved in a hobby to relieve stress, to forget about the problems and just not to be distracted by other things.

Each of you probably has a hobby or something like that. Someone collects stamps or coins, and some paints and assembles old car models. Some like exotic style, for example, Gerald Durrell (with its zoo in the trunk), while others prefer to plunge into the desktop battles Warhammer 40k. Any hobby can be expensive - money on collateral materials (tools, security, consumables) and, of course, spending on items directly for the hobby. Saying the word "expensive" we mean that they will not devastate your wallets and get rid of savings, if only you do not know how to control and maintain the gold balance. Are you curious about the most expensive hobbies in the world? They are described here. And do not be surprised

Ballroom dance

It sounds like something inexpensive, but in fact, it is one of the most expensive hobbies in the world. Clothing costs hundreds of dollars and sometimes more than a thousand. If you are engaged seriously - the dance lessons, too, will cost you a pretty penny. In addition, the cost of travel for competitions, as well as on the living can be up to 10 000 dollars per year. Of course, this hobby is very spectacular and beautiful, but the fit is not for everyone - here you need to have not only money but also a good body and a sufficient amount of time to exercise.


Flying / Aviation

Flying will always be expensive. Many people dream of their own to navigate the aircraft at least once in life. Well, if you have money, then the boundary - only the sky. The first step - flight school and to obtain a private pilot license, which will cost you more than 5 thousand dollars. The price of the aircraft and its maintenance - about $ 100 000. Aircraft hire much cheaper, about $ 80 per hour, but in general - is also rather a big amount of money. But those who are "sick" about the sky he does not care and can find the huge sums to implement his dream. Even if there is no offshore account or international business.

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Scuba diving

The great wonders of the deep sea are staggering, especially a variety of coral reefs and fish that live deep in the sea. Scuba diving can be a very fun hobby. If you are engaged in it seriously - then you need funding for these classes on a regular basis. Basic equipment worth more than $ 500 (quite basic, to be honest), the certification will cost you 300-400 dollars. At each location the corals and animals are different, because the dream of scuba divers is to overtake all of them. Accordingly, take also into the consideration flights, accommodation, meals and other expenses. To travel to the Great Barrier Reef you need to save at least $ 3,000. Moreover, the deeper you dive, the more complex equipment you need, and the higher the degree of a certificate. It is necessary to monitor your health, to coach breathing and not to suffer certain diseases.



For those who are not familiar with this concept, the essence of skydiving is to jump from a plane at an altitude of several kilometers, and then return to the ground by gravity. You will experience some time in free fall, and then you should open the parachute and land in. For safe landing you need to know different techniques and be able to control the parachute. This requires training, but they are very expensive.

This extreme and expensive sport costs $ 250-300 per jump. On average, $ 1,500 for 7-10 jumps. Each jump takes from 1 to 3 minutes. 2 jumps to a week - $ 2,000 per month, or 24,000 per year. If you have money and you want to do an extreme hobby - this is for you.

Over time, you may want to complicate the program and not just "fall" from a height, but also perform a variety of shapes, riding on the clouds, to build a massive structure with other jumpers. It also takes time and money and can seriously empty your wallet. And that's not counting on health insurance costs to compensate the risk.


Drag racing

If you need speed, and you love to burn tires, consider drag racing. Here is a rough description of the sport. Each driver is allowed to warm up the tires for adding speed. Drivers are located at the starting line and release the brakes at traffic light signal called "Christmas Tree". The start is given with the green signal. The first who comes to the finish - wins. The riders are obliged to follow the rules. When there are violations at the "Christmas tree" - red lights are .

To achieve higher speeds of 300 miles per hour you must use a fuel consisting of a combination of methanol and nitro-methane. Expenses for the purchase of machinery, spare parts and maintenance of the vehicle range from 20 dollars to millions.

Collecting vehicles.

It's a hobby, it is obvious only to those who can afford it. There are several types of cars, which are collected, and each collector collects one or more types. Trucks, vintage cars, luxury class sedans, 4x4, SUV, cabriolets, sports cars and racing cars. Each type has its own characteristics and styles, as well as price. Most collectors are looking for unique and rare cars. The rarer the car, the more expensive it is. For example, the classic Bugatti Type 57S 1937 worth 4.4 million dollars. A Ferrari California 1961 - 10.8 million.



This is - the most expensive hobby in the world. Collecting art is also a serious business. Different kinds of art, such as sculpture and painting worth thousands and millions of dollars. If you intend to collect the "best collection" - a million is not enough. A few thousand is not enough to buy original works. Paul Cezanne painting "The Card Players" is considered to be one of the most expensive paintings, which have been sold. It cost the buyer $ 250 million. Sometimes the city's budget is less then a hobby.

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