What is knitting?

Knitting allows you to create amazing things. Learn now how to knit and transform your house and outfits.

Knitting is one of the handmade crafts you can use to make your outfits ultra-fashionable. You need at least two needles for knitting and some cheap yarn to create finished garments or décor elements for your clothes or home.

what is knitting

History of knitting

history of knitting The technic is called “knitting” because the things are made by creating little knots. It is an ancient art developed along with the yarn making. Scientists have found some socks that date back to 3rd century BC crafted by knitting. It was invented in the Middle East, most likely by nomad tribes. It had the benefit of using small movable equipment.

They could easily make their fabric moving place to place or even herding their sheep and cattle. The technique was brought over to Europe by the traders and gained wide popularity there.

How to knit:

how to knitFirst of all, you’d need to get the proper equipment: two of more knitting needles. They vary in size and construction. Some are long with beads or loops on one end.

Others have a string attached to them. You may get a pair of needles joined by their string together or two needles with strings that end with a knot.

And, of course, you need some yarn. If you are a newbie, do not pick any complicated yarn (curly or multiple threads). Pick plain and simple mono thread yarn. Let’s go over the knitting steps and get you started. This truly is an enjoyable craft and a useful one, too. 

What is knitting? – 5 steps to master it

  1. Casting on

    It’s much better to watch it once, then to read it many times. Here is a great video on casting on

  2. Knit stitch

    making knit stitchOnce you get your first row on the needle, you move on to stitching. Insert the second needle into the first loop (it has two parts: the one closer to you and the farther one.

    You insert it right through the loop towards the farther end of it) of the cast row.

    Make a yarn loop (the working thread should be opposite to you, behind the needles) on it and pull it through the loop.

    You get a new knit stitch on the second needle. Repeat that with all the loops on the first one and finish up the row.
  3. Purling

    knitting doing purlingMove the working yarn towards you (place it upfront the needles).

    Now, instead of inserting the working needle into the loop pushing off, you insert it into the front part of the loop and push it in towards you.

    You catch the thread and pull it through the loop. Just like you see on that picture on the left. 
  4. Attaching a new thread

    how to interlock yarnYou can change the threads to change the color of your knitted fabric. Here is how you do it. Cut the first thread off an inch down the line. Place two ends (the first and the new threads) together and make a knot. You make a loop over your finger and then roll it off to knot it. Cut off the access of the thread on the end.
  5. Finishing off

    what is knitting 2When you are done knitting, you need to finish off the row so your word would not untie.

    You may use either knit stitch or purling for this purpose. Insert your working needle into two stitches at once, pull the thread through them and get one stitch instead.

    Now you put it back on your main needle. Again, insert the working needle into two more loops and purl or stitch them.

    You get just one instead of two stitches on the working needle. Put it back onto your main one. Repeat this process until your fishing off the entire row.

As you may see, knitting is not that hard. For some people it is too monotonous, while for others it is calming. In fact, in the middle ages men used to do knitting to make nets or closes and to stay composed. Learning a new craft can help you create awesome things for your home and family. Stay well and be creative.  


Today knitting means not just to knit som clothes, because as it has been already told there are many kinds of knited wear, which can everybody afford and find the thing he like for himself. Knitting today is the work of art. People create really fascinating and adorable things by their own hands. It's a hobby, which helps to create the most wonderful and beautiful things, which depend only on the creator's imagination and desire. So you can knite everything you want or need and make your clothes original and you house causy and warm by the things, which you make by your own hands.

Answered 2 years ago.

Knitting is not just distraction from worries, but it helps calm nervous system, relieve stress. Movement of fingers, slide thread through permanent loop - this is effective way calm emotions and clear your mind. I also like give gifts and knitting allows you create beautiful, unusual and very spiritual gifts with their own hands, and it turns out cheaply. I am inspired by transformation of faceless skeins of yarn into beautiful sweaters, hats, sweaters. I like find, select, or rather, even feel pattern, that will be most advantageous look out of thread.

Answered 2 years ago.

now the question of clothes is not problematic because the items sell in all the stores, buy clothes available, but doesn't like to wear a sweater or socks that you knitted and gifted your girl? It's so nice. And how nice for us girls to try to do things for our loved ones. Learn to knit easy, you can go on special courses or just at home to try to try to tie the clothes, watching the knitting lessons on the Internet. It is very accessible and importantly, the cost of such crafts inexpensive!!!!

Answered 2 years ago.
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