7 Best Ways How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Nigeria

These pesky small incects can make your life bitter and itchy, too. So, learn how to get rid of mosquitoes using remedies and DIY things at home.

Warm climate contributes to the mosquitoes’ appearance. These small insects can not only ruin your camping vacation but also bring you a lot of inconvenience inside the house. That is why you should be ready for the insect control.
 Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Nigeria

The best answer to the “How to get rid of mosquitoes” question depends on:

  • location (are insects inside or outside the house; do you need protection for one time for going on vacation or permanent in your garden or at home),
  • quantity (how many of them can you count, at least approximately),
  • time period (for how long they are nearby you),
  • what time is it (time of the day and period of the year),
  • reason (why mosquitoes like being where they are: near water, near food, near the smell of sweat, etc.).
    Rid of Mosquitoes in NigeriaMoreover, mosquitoes distinguish into several types and sometimes the same recipe can be less or more effective depending on the species. There are 3 000 types of mosquitoes in the world and these insects live mostly in tropical or subtropical climate. They like very warm and moisture areas, especially they are active during the tropical rain season. Nearly all their types eat organic food. Only female mosquitoes need to drink blood because of their reproduction instinct. Usually one female mosquito has about 300 larvae and if she does not receive any blood, she only has 40 ones or even less.

Mosquitoes’ basic species:

  • Papatasii – the most common type, its length is 3 mm or even less. Before drinking blood, this insect inputs his poison with an anesthetic effect under person’s skin so person can feel only pain of inputting the mosquito’s needle,
  •  Sergenti – usual areas of inhabitance are wet places with warm climate. Starts “feeding season” since early spring,
  • Kandelakii – prefer areas with a lot of tropical rains, live in a permanent moisture,
  • Anofeles – the most dangerous as it is the most common malaria peddler. This type is mostly active after the sunset, when the outside temperature is higher than 10 degrees and only female mosquitoes bite people.

Unfortunately, these insects are too small and do not have any radical differences so a non-specialist cannot identify their type immediately.

Mosquitoes’ distinctive features:
 Mosquitoes in Nigeria

  • they do not fly a lot because their wings allow them only to jump and be in the air for a couple of seconds,
  • they do not make any noise while flying,
  • average speed of their flight cannot be more than 1 m/sec,
  • they move by jumping,
  • before biting, they jump on person and stick their needle (nose) into skin,
  • their color can vary from almost white to almost black,
  • their size can vary from 1 mm to 3,5 mm,
  • their body is covered with tiny hair,
  • they have long legs,
  • they rise their wings in stillness.

How to destroy the threat

Why mosquitoes need to be destructed?

mosquitoes need to be destructed

  • On the one hand, mosquitoes are just insects, one type of many, which can bite you and bring some unpleasant feeling. But also, mosquito’s bite:

  • can be a source of getting dangerous diseases, such as malaria,

  • is a cause of blisters and redness’s appearance on skin,

  • can increase body’s temperature,

  • mosquitoes can be a real threat to the cattle because animals receive more serious damage from insects’ bites.

After summing all these reasons up we understand clearly, that now we need to find the answer to the topical question: how to get rid of mosquitoes quickly?

  1. Physicalway does not mean using newspaper or slipper as it is too inefficient. Instead of this, you should better use a vacuum cleaner! It is more effective and easy, as you do not have to run all around the house to catch every single insect.
    s How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes 1
  2. Technical way includes electronic devices. Usually their principal bases on making noises, which are harmless for people but harmful for insects. Mosquitoes have very good hearing skill so they can hear everything much louder than people. They are ecologically clean. In addition, we can mention devices that work as a mosquito trap by attracting insects to the warmth imitating the warmth of a human body.
  3. Folk methodscan be a real salvation. Usually they advise to use some strong smells of clove, tomato leaves, oil, tobacco, etc.
  4. Repellentsare one of the most common ways. There are plenty of different lotions and aerosols. Their target is to make you “not tasty” for mosquitoes.
  5. Fumigators are the two-sided sticks as not only insects but also people sniff the poisoned smell that they extinct.
  6. Fuming spiralscan be an appropriate variant only if using outside. If using inside the house or flat than to open windows and doors to make the smoke go away so not to harm people.
  7. Mosquito netis a good variant while using at home. You can cover all doors and windows not to let insects fly in and take over mosquito control.

Smells mosquitoes can’t stand
Mosquitoes in Nigeria 1

  1. Tobacco smoke.
  2. Citrus.
  3. Vinegar.
  4. Clove.
  5. Eucalyptus.
  6. Oil and camphor.
  7. Anise.

Using simple ingredients, you can make an effective mix to put on and scare insects. Here are some recipes:

  1. Mix in equal proportions vinegar, shampoo, and sunflower oil. Put this liquid on skin as a crème.
  2. Add aloe leaf, olive oil, lavender oil, mint, and clove. Mix carefully and put on open skin spaces.
  3. Add salt to the warm water (5 g of salt per 40-50 ml of water) and add a couple of drops of essential oil (any type of listed above). Spray on skin.
  4. If it will not disturb you with a strong smell, put eucalyptus oil straight on skin.
  5. Besides putting anything on yourself, prepare your house. You can put any essential oil with strong smell on the doorjamb or the threshold.
  6. If you do not have any essential oils you can use citrus zest as it has strong smell too.
  7. Take a candle and put a couple of essential oil drops near wick. It will spread the aroma around your place and scare insects.

These recipes help not only from mosquitoes but also from other small insects. If you have a garden, where these little nasty insects disturb you, there is also one more efficient way of scaring them. This way is to plant mosquito repellent plants!

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How it works

There are special types of plants that release substances, which scare different types of insects, including mosquitoes. Here you can find some species of such plants. By the way, all of them like warm and moisture climate just as mosquitoes, that is why they influence on each other in that way. It is a long way of evolution, where the Mother Nature had enough time and resources to invent everything for us.
Get Rid of Mosquitoes 2

  1. Nepeta Cataria (also known as catmint). Its smell scares the insects and its leaves can be used as well for preparing different types of lotions or just natural juice with the same effect.
  2. Artemisia SPP (also known as wormwood). Its bitter smell frightens the mosquitoes and is appropriate to use as the main ingredient of aerosols.
  3. Marigolds have a very strong smell that influences not only on mosquitoes but on other insects too (lice, aphid, etc.). These flowers can be very useful even if you only want to protect your harvest from insects (especially good for tomatoes).
  4. Lavender is almost universal as it can be used in many cases. It is efficient against insects in fresh and dry forms as well. Lavender is better to be planted right in front of the house or in the backyards as close to the house as it is possible.
  5. Lemongrass is not only bright and beautiful but also very effective against insects. Its juice contains clove oil, which is the perfect repellent and natural pesticide.
  6. Ageratum is a well-known and popular flower among gardeners all over the world. It contains the essence of coumarinum, which is extremely effective against mosquitoes and know as usable in industrial scales.
  7. Basil also has very strong smell that influences of insects. Its effect does not depend on the exact type of this plant.

All of the listed tips are helpful but they do not guarantee a hundred percent result. To reach the best results you should be careful and use any type of protection in every case of necessity. READ ALSO: How to Get Rid of Ants – 7 best ways for Nigeria. 
 How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes 4

If you were bit by a mosquito

First aid tips

Nothing can guarantee full and unconditional protection from mosquitoes. If you were bit, first thing you should not do is panic.

You should:

  • do not inch the affected area even if it inches a lot,
  • if a mosquito have bit a child you need to explain that it is forbidden to inch or rub the affected area,
  • to get rid of inching put something cold on the affected area or put it under a cold water,
  • immediately take anti-allergenic pills, at least for prevention, if you are allergic,
  • if you have noticed that affected area seems infected and looks more damaged than after usual insects’ bites, you should consult with a doctor as soon as possible.

You should not:

  • panic,
  • rub or inch the affected area and  rip off  skin pieces as it can be a cause of bringing the extra infection,
  • take any pills except anti-allergenic before consultation with a specialist even if you think you know your diagnosis,
  • touch the affected area with dirty hands or any instruments,
  • overheat your organism because infections can be cured easier in a cool or even cold air conditions.

Let us summarize:
Get Rid of Mosquitoes 9

  • mosquitoes, as all other vermin insects, can be very dangerous as diseases’ peddles, so their bites are very unlikely,
  • mosquitoes cannot fly a lot or make noises by themselves (one of the species, papatasii, means “silent biting”),
  • mosquitoes cannot live without water, that is why they prefer tropical forests, where the moisture level is very high,
  • in case of being bit by a mosquito it is forbidden to inch the affected area,
  • if you wonder how to get rid of mosquitoes at home, you can do it, using available materials,
  • mosquitoes can be scared or killed with special smells, smoke or noises.


Yes, in part, I agree with the previous writer that in the fight against mosquitoes is possible to use essential oils of eucalyptus and others. But what about those people who are allergic ?! Regarding tomato seedlings on the windows - it is a myth ?! I think the mosquitoes were and will be, and every year people will buy means that advertising imposes on us. That's all. So we shall also live with mosquitoes. They are not possible to destroy completely all. The worst thing is to catch malaria from a mosquito bite. That's all. So, have patience, or expose the seedlings of tomatoes windows))))

Answered 1 year ago.

To my mind - it is still considered as not totally solved question. Let me explain why - in the country, where i live there are also lots os small mosquitoes in warm period of the year. As I have a small child, I try to get rid of them completely, because I afraid that they may bite my daughter. And from the other hand - I have no possibility to use any chemical substances, because it may cause some problems with the child's health. But I have tried almost all means, describet in Internet to solve the problem - and they do not work and do not bring any results. To my mind, the best way is to use an antimosquito net on the windows.

Answered 1 year ago.

How destroy mosquitoes? Humanity is asked this question for centuries. Science increases number of ways help destroy mosquitoes in apartment and outdoor recreation. And not forgotten traditional methods, is still effective. There are several effective methods get rid of mosquitoes. For example, they are afraid of smell of eucalyptus, cedar, clove, anise. You can use these oils in aromatherapy lamp and add cream. Or tomato seedlings planted in pots and placed on windowsill in apartment, will help destroy mosquitoes.

Answered 2 years ago.
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