How to get rid of bed bugs in Nigerian homes: 10 fascinating facts  

Tired of the pesky little insects that do not let you have a good sleep at night? Find out how to get rid of bed bugs with our best tips and methods of pest control.

Unfortunately for people there are many kinds of pests that accompany their lives and homes. One of them is a bed bug, so for many people the problem how to get rid of bed bugs is an urgent one. Knowing these ten facts can help you to get handles on pest control of these parasites.
How to get rid of bed bugs in Nigerian homes

  1. Bed bugs do not infect people with disease
    It is good to know that bed bugs cannot infect people with any sort of disease. At least scientists have not discovered a connection between their bites and infections. The bed bug stings look pretty much like mosquito bites. They may itch, evoke redness of skin and some swelling.
  2. Cannot be killed by low temperature
    How to get rid of bed bugs 2

    Of course, it is not an option in Nigeria, but the fact is bed bugs cannot be killed by setting furniture outside in the frost. They can survive the temperature of -20 C. They simply fall asleep and get well preserved for a long time. Moreover, the lifespan of these bugs becomes longer, if they live in lower temperatures.
  3. Have shorter life span in hotter climate
    On the contrary, in hotter climate bed bugs have a shorter span of life. An average bed bug life is 10 months, but in hot climate they may live 6-8 months. However, hotter temperature range can impact bug productivity. They start breeding and multiplying faster and more efficiently.  So, neither the hot, nor cold life conditions can help us kill bed bugs.
  4. Feed once in 10 days Bed bugs are not gluttons
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    They may eat once in 5-10 days. So, they do not need much to survive. This means you cannot eradicate bed bugs by going on vacation and leaving them unfed. They can endure for months without any food. Plus, bed bug nymphs do not eat at all and can survive most types of pest treatments.
  5. Increased infestation rate
    Despite all the efforts of humanity to get rid of these insects the stats show that bed bug plague has become more of a problem during the last 15 years. The level and frequency of infestation have increased even in such countries, as USA. Almost 100 % of pest control experts have handled apartments or hotel rooms for bed bugs. Traveling tourists unknowingly may become the transporters of these pests.
  6. Bites can evoke allergies
    get rid of bed bugs

    Even though there is no risk of getting plague-ridden by various ailments through bed bugs’ bites, they can launch allergic response. In some situations, it can be severe, especially in kids. However, in most cases swelling and redness is moderate and passes on its own with no need for medical therapy in just few days.
  7. Fall into anabiosis
    One of the survival tricks of bed bugs is their ability to fall into anabiosis. They can slumber for up to 6 months and survive with no food and in different climate conditions. Despite becoming the “pets” and living in homes, bed bugs did not lose their wild life survival skills.
  8. Flat bodied
    bed bugs in Nigerian homes 2They have very flat bodies. This means they can hide in smallest cracks in furniture, walls, floor, books and other dwellings. That gives a hint on where to look for them. They like to have a both side contact with surfaces. So, if you suspect having these bugs in your facility, check out all the tight places.

    You may take off all the bed sheets from the bed and cushions to see, if they are hiding there. Also check out all the tiny, warm and narrow places to find them.
  9. Hate lavender and tea tree oils
    The good news is that these bugs simply hate the smells we love. Such as lavender and tea tree oils. These oils are known as great bug killers. They can be used to treat lice and bed bugs. You may scent your wearables in the wardrobe to prevent the bugs getting in.
  10. Love human blood
     bed bugs in Nigerian homes

    The bad news is these bugs prefer human blood to all other kinds of food. They can feed on the blood of animals (domestic and wild); they can dine on dogs, cats and even rats. But most of all the like to feed on humans.

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What causes bed bugs? They are not a sign of a filthy home or bad care. Mostly, they are just natural companions of people; the undesirable ones. They can become invisible tour companions and be carried from home to home in furniture, on clothes or even on home appliances. So, if you travel much or bring in used clothes into the home, make sure to wash them well in hot water and examine all the fixtures for these bugs.


My opinion is - that there is no need to fight klopami- is not necessary to run this problem, and as soon as you have seen in your house bug - just destroy it. I know of cases that the house had a lot of these parasites. The hosts just let things drift thinking that bugs will disappear. As a result, to get rid of insects, the owners have spent quite a large sum of money. If they had just bought a spray against insects or some special poison (and the choice is large enough), they would not know the problems. So, learn from others' mistakes. Incidentally article informative enough.

Answered 1 year ago.

Если клопы имеются лишь в вашей квартире, или количество зараженных квартир невелико, то имеет смысл воспользоваться специальными инсектицидными препаратами. При этом не стоит рассчитывать отделаться «малой кровью»: возможно, клопов в квартире значительно больше, чем казалось изначально. Поэтому обработку всегда нужно проводить тщательно и максимально полно. К выбору препарата нужно тоже подойти внимательно — он должен иметь высокую эффективность против постельных клопов, должен быть относительно безопасен для человека и животных и по возможности не иметь сильного запаха (бывают случаи, когда жильцам приходится выкидывать мебель, которая месяцами сохраняет запах неправильно выбранного средства от клопов).

Answered 1 year ago.

To tell you the truth, i hate to find any incect at home. Firstly i magine how it may get at my food ir into my bed. I like all the living creatures, but not when i cant see them. But from the other hand, we should kill all the parasites to avoid any harm from them, because they may cause rather difficult diseases. Especially it is very bad for small children. That is why, your advices are not just useful - they may help to prevent lots of diseases and in some cases even deaths in case of having an allergy at particular types of insects.

Answered 2 years ago.

Destruction of bedbugs can trouble for those, who failed timely identify presence of parasites in home, and allowed their reproduction, and wide distribution of apartment. In such cases, it is necessary know, how escape bed bugs is most effective. But high degree of infected premises deterrent measures against bedbugs are absolutely useless. Only highly effective way of getting rid of parasites complete their own hands - baiting bugs special preparations. Modern insecticides are safe enough for person with right of use but guarantees full elimination of bedbugs.

Answered 2 years ago.
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