How to get rid of flies?

Time to stop it! Get rid of fruit flies just right now. Natural repellents and homemade traps will help you to forget about annoying insects.

How to forget about those annoying guys?

Every year summer brings us sunny days, amazing trips, warm meetings. But there`s one more thing. Warm weather lets fruit flies into our houses. And it seems to be impossible to get rid of it. But it`s not so. There`s a solution.

Natural repellents

Some smells will help you to forget about flies in your house.

•    Orange peel. There is a fantastic solution! Just leave it around the house, especially near doors and windows. But you need a fresh peel. Keep replacing dry skin with a new one and you`ll see the result soon.

Works amazingly!

•    Cloves. You can use it with oranges, lemons or any other citrus fruit to get a better result. Just insert 10-15 cloves in fruit and place it somewhere in the house.

•    Essential oils. Flies can`t stand the smell of Lavender or Eucalyptus. It`s an old method to get flies outside your home. The Lemongrass oil will be very helpful too. Use a spray to spread the smell or place the oil around the house.

Surprisingly, they don`t like some smells that we do

•    Plants. Flies hate strong smells of plants. It can be Mint, Lavender, Tansy, Elder, Wormwood, Rue, Basil, etc. Put the plant near the window or somewhere else to repel flies.

Mint is good at repelling flies

•    Apple Cider Vinegar. Mix ¼ cup apple cider vinegar and ¼ cup witch hazel. Add 50-60 drops of eucalyptus oil. The mixture will repel the flies. Do not let this to enter your eyes or mouth.

•    Camphor and Citronella. All you need to do is to light the citronella candle or a piece of camphor, let the smoke spread and wait.

Just light it up

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Traps for insects

The second way is to put the traps everywhere in your house. There are very easy to make, and it`s worth trying.

•    Honey. It`s one of my favorites. Just fill a bowl with the honey or jam. All of the insects in your house will be trapped there. Guaranteed!

•    Flypaper. You can buy it (it`s quite cheap) or make it yourself. To do this cut a sheet of paper into strips, put it in some syrup (you can use the mix of sugar and water), make sure it`s not dropping from it and hang it somewhere in your house.

•    Wine trap. You`ll need a sheet of paper, wine, washing up liquid and a cup. Make a cone with a small hole in the end of it out of paper. Then fill the cup with some wine and add a washing up liquid. After that put the cone into the cup. The small hole should be higher than the liquid.

They like it too

•    Milk, sugar, pepper. An ancient way to get rid of flies. Mix 3 teaspoons of sugar, a ¼ liter of milk and a tablespoon of black pepper. Heat it and then pour a mixture into cups or bowls and leave it everywhere in your house.

There are some more small tips:

•    Make sure there`s as many as possible fly attractants

•    Use a fly swat

•    Vacuum up flies (You can buy a cheap cylinder vacuum cleaners)

•    Spray the insects with window cleaner

•    Use Chemical Fly Sprays

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